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Switched at Birth recap: Some things come together while others fall apart

In this episode of Switched at Birth, called “The Good Samaritan,” Toby and Nikki discover that planning a wedding isn’t all fun and games, Angelo discovers what life would’ve been like with a child, while Daphne discovers that Jace really is a quick learner.

Switched at Birth - The Good Samaritan

How great was it that Daphne and Bay finally got over their differences and ended up chatting and giggling at the end of this episode? I feel like we’ve been waiting to see them like that again for weeks so it was nice when it happened. Their friendship is one of my favorite things about this show, and while I understand that even best friends will bicker from time to time, I’m always happier when they’re together.

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I guess we should’ve seen it coming, but it was still rough to be Toby and Nikki going through their troubles. I’m trying very hard not to jump on a hate bandwagon against Nikki, but I did not like it one bit when I saw how much he seemed to be giving up for her. It’s obvious he cares more about music than she does (or that it is at least higher on his priority list), and while that doesn’t make her necessarily wrong, it doesn’t exactly bode well for their future either.

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Angelo trying to live a perfect life in his perfect home with his perfect “wife” and his perfect daughter was beyond adorable. The poor guy had no clue that life with family and a kid (who is now a teenager) was very messy. It makes me wonder if this revelation is going to make him rethink his search for his new baby girl.

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My favorite bits:

“I can’t believe you’re actually doing it.”
“Doing what?”
“Getting all jobby and mature.”

“What’s geocaching?”
“Well, if I can learn to sign, you can learn to internet search.”

Emmett admitting that he thought that Nikki was making Toby quit playing and asking Bay to do Switched at Birth - The Good Samaritansomething about it.

Daphne and Regina having lunch. Nice to see them hanging out.

“Wow, that’s impressive.”
“Another 10-year-old trend you’re just now picking up on.”

“That’s true, you can’t un-hear a Nickelback cover band.”

Bay getting her brother’s band a gig at Maui. Way to go, Bay.

Angelo and Regina freaking out over a cockroach. But did we have to see the thing’s squished guts up close?

“I asked you to geocache with me, not elope.”

Laughing out loud when Bay said that Toby wouldn’t choose Nikki over his family. Yeah, right.

“I guess it’s easier with Bay. I haven’t disappointed her the way that I have disappointed you. Not yet.”

Toby pointing out that playing was the most fun he’d had in months. Oh boy.

“Wow, inside that Anne of Green Gables is a little tyrant.”
“I’m sure you said something really snide, but I’m not going to stop my search to find out what.”

The kiss on the bridge. Need I really say more?

“Must be the shirt, that’s the third time that’s happened to me today.”

“She just slammed that door.”
“They’re not always polite.”

“I’ve just been jealous of you getting closer to my mom.”
“Welcome to my world.”

“He’s British?”
“Yes, very.”

Bay and Daphne bonding again. Yay!

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What did you think of Bay and Daphne becoming friends again? Do you think Toby and Nikki’s wedding will happen in light of their recent troubles?

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