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VIDEO: Robyn ft. Snoop Dogg “U Should Know Better

Pop sensation Robyn and rapper Snoop Dogg team up and switch places for the new video “U Should Know Better.”


Even though Robyn’s album Body Talk came out in 2010, we’re only now getting a glimpse of the video for the track “U Should Know Better.”

Robyn teamed up with Snoop Dogg for her synth-heavy track. So you’d think we’d get a glimpse of Snoop in the video, right?

Well, we do — sort of.

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The video starts out and we’re following a kid — who we assume to be a little Robyn — riding a dirt bike through the streets.

Then we see a 20-something in a blue hoodie and baggy shorts who we can only assume is a Snoop pup.

But no! We’ve been tricked!

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Little Robyn is actually a little Rob. She’s a boy who likes to dance and shadowbox in his very late-’80s decorated room in front of his Neneh Cherry poster.

And young Snoop is a b … a female Dogg who works in a greenhouse. Sorry, Snoop. Only legal plants are grown here.

They strike up a very unlikely friendship. They go to a Robyn concert together, she rides his bike and he lights her cigarettes.

Wait. Snoop smokes, right?

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And nothing really happens. They just hang out.

These two very unlikely friends get what they need from each other. Robyn boy gets an older friend to take him to clubs and concerts where he can try out his dance moves.

Snoop lady gets to feel young again and break out of her strange but mundane job at the plant nursery.

It’s nice to have a friend like that.

Check out Robyn featuring Snoop Dogg (he hadn’t changed his name to Snoop Lion yet) on “U Should Know Better.”

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