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The 5 stages of healing from Kim & Kanye’s baby name: North West

Struggling to understand how Kim and Kanye named their baby North West? Let these GIFs guide you through the five stages of acceptance.

Kim and Kanye name their baby North "Nori" West

Yes — it’s official: Kim and Kanye actually named their newborn baby girl North West. As in Kim Kardashian’s baby has a name that is true geography term. Fans and well, just the public in general, are stunned.

We’ll take you through the top five most popular stages when learning about the news of Kim and Kanye’s baby name. It will be difficult at first, but we promise by the end you’ll be rolling your eyes and feeling back to your old self.

Stage 1: Horror

Horror reaction GIF

So at first you might be horrified. When we discovered the Kardashian baby name news, our inner truth meter went off and we instantly fell back on rationality: North “Nori” West was actual a publicity stunt. Kanye would so totally do something like this. We trotted along through our late-night internet surf feeling like all was right with the world when we came across this:

E! Confirms Kim Kardashian's baby name

Which promptly led us to the second stage of dealing with the Kim and Kanye baby name news.

Stage 2: Shock and/or disbelief

Oprah Shocked Gif

Wait? Kim Kardashian actually named her baby North West? Like, we can’t go back in time and this is really happening? Maybe we should lie down — the room is spinning. Hold on. Must. Check. Twitter.

Stage 3: Reach out for help

Typing Gif

The general reaction on Twitter confirmed that North West is probably, maybe, the least liked name of all baby names.

Kim and Kanye Twitter reaction

Everyone on Twitter and Facebook talking about this has clearly arrived at Stage 4.

Stage 4: Still in pain, but able to laugh again

Real Housewives Kyle Gif

OK, so at the time this is being written it’s been about an hour. We’re still reeling a bit from the shock, but reality is settling in — this is it everyone. The end has arrived.

Stage 5: Acceptance

Annoyed the hills gif

This pretty much sums up how the world feels about Kim and Kanye naming their baby North West.

And remember, Kanye West is a dad now.

Kanye West annoyed gif

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