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RED HOT BOOK OF THE WEEK: Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

In Beautiful Day, Elin Hilderbrand returns readers to a beautiful Nantucket setting for a wedding that unites two dysfunctional families.

Since 2000, Elin Hilderbrand has published 12 novels, all of which can best be described as beach-read romances. Her books scream Summer, and are the perfect companions at the beach or the pool. Hilderbrand’s books are set on and around Nantucket Island, where she has lived for some 20 years. Her knowledge of the island makes the setting come vividly to life, meaning her books are like a beach vacation in and of themselves, even if you’re reading them during your lunch break, or on the couch while your children are napping.

Beautiful dayAbout Beautiful Day

In Beautiful Day, Elin Hilderbrand returns once again to a beautiful Nantucket setting, this time for a wedding — a wedding that should be absolutely perfect. After all, the bride, Jenna Carmichael, has followed her late mother Beth’s instructions to a T. Even the menu is perfect: there is no food that will cause bad breath or get stuck in anyone’s teeth, nothing to mar the beauty and romance of Jenna’s big day.

Unfortunately, neither Jenna nor her mother ever planned on the messiness of family. Jenna’s father Doug remarried after his wife’s death but is now reconsidering, and her sister Margot is recently divorced and carrying on a secret affair with an older man. Neither of them makes a particularly good role model for Jenna on the eve of her nuptials, and Margot’s situation in particular impedes her enthusiasm in carrying out the instructions their mother left in the Notebook. The family of Jenna’s fiancé, Stuart Graham, isn’t doing much better. His mother is on her second marriage to the same man, and his onetime partner and child are also invited to the wedding.

Although it’s filled with scandals, broken hearts and tears, at its heart Beautiful Day is about the nature of marriage: love, commitment and faithfulness. Once again, Hilderbrand delivers a beautiful book with a wonderfully atmospheric setting and a touching story. With Hilderbrand’s magic for connecting her readers to even her most prickly characters, Beautiful Day is a book that will keep you turning pages waiting to see what disaster will occur next.

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