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Graceland recap: Fallback from the “Heat Run

A team that works together and plays together is bound to fall apart eventually, right?

Graceland Heat Run

This week in Graceland, we picked up almost exactly where we left off. Bello was not happy about his bullets being hijacked and stolen from him, and he saw Mike and Briggs as the squeaky wheels who may have busted their move. The episode started with Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) putting a gun to Mike’s head and asking him who he’d been talking to. I definitely thought Briggs had found out about Mike’s mission to investigate him, and so did Mike (Aaron Tveit), but it turned out it was all a show for Bello and his boys. In the end, it was Mikey’s quick thinking and BSing that saved Mike and Briggs from Bello’s boiling temper.

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This week is Lauren’s last week on the show and working with the Russians. The bureau is moving Donny to Miami and they want Lauren off the Russians. When the crew she’s been working with begins planning revenge on Donny after he took down one of their men, Lauren is determined to stop them and bust the operation. She’s convinced that if she and the boys can take out the Russians, she can bring Donny back to Graceland.

When their mission (to stop the transportation of two stolen Lamborghinis) looks like it’ll be a bust, Briggs tries to call it off. Lauren is headstrong, though, and she’s just not having it. In quite possibly one of the most bada** moves so far this season, Lauren hops out onto the highway and brings the massive semi to a screeching, smoking halt. But, are the Lamborghinis inside? Nope.

Not only are the Lambos not on board, but Lauren’s cover appears to be blown. Whoops.

Briggs tries to shut the operation down, but Lauren knows how to play him. Once she knows her cover isn’t blown, she shows up at Graceland with a busted jaw and blames it on the Russian, Kuzmanov. She knew exactly how to pull Briggs back into the game. The gang head to the warehouse and burst in, apprehending the Russians and acquiring two very fancy cars.

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Graceland Heat Run

After a moment alone with Kuzmanov, Briggs realizes Lauren was lying about her roughed up face and begins to find the holes in Lauren’s story. Is it possible the same lo-jacks the Russians put on the Lambos could also be on Lauren? Um. Yeah. Not only is Donny not coming back, but now Lauren is leaving, too.

Plot Twist: As Mikey’s doing a little investigating of Briggs, he figures out that the tracker on Lauren’s Jeep came from Briggs. Luckily, Briggs is at least honest about it when Mike confronts him. He says he did it to protect everyone else from Lauren’s reckless behavior. Do you think he’s telling the truth?

Best Line: Jakes (Brandon McLaren) announcing, “I’m like a chocolate Jesus.” Hallelujah.

Sweetest Moment: Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) trying to help Whistler buy that house. If only he’d taken it.

Mike’s Big Lesson: He hasn’t learned it yet, but it’ll no doubt have to do with the girl he just spent all night with.

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