Calabasas neighbors hate Justin Bieber

Jun 20, 2013 at 3:38 p.m. ET

People in the tranquil neighborhood of Calabasas aren't happy to have Justin Bieber as a neighbor.

Justin Bieber has quite the talent for making enemies, including those in the community where he Calabasas neighbors hate Justin Bieberlives. The Biebs has a $6.5-million French-style mansion in the Estates of the Oaks, which is in the city of Calabasas. The neighborhood is the inner gated sanctum of another gated community, known as the Oaks of Calabasas. You'd think that being in a place that exclusive would guarantee people a certain amount of peace and quiet, but that all ended when Bieber moved into town, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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Residents have reported that Bieber ignores all the rules of life in a gated community, including posted speed limits and homeowners association laws. In fact, some people in the neighborhood only know Bieber as a white blur because he drives so fast, and neighbors say he and a rowdy fraternity of twentysomething friends race motorbikes and throw raucous parties. Plus there is the buzzing of paparazzi and news helicopters that follow his every move whenever his antics put him into the spotlight — which is almost constantly.

City leaders don't appreciate the attention that Bieber and celebrities like him have brought to their communities, and Councilwoman Mary Sue Maurer has some strong opinions on the matter.

"The pop culture celebrities have not helped this city's reputation," Maurer said. "The coverage is of young misbehaving celebrities, and it's a culture that certainly doesn't represent our city."

One neighbor, Galia Pistotnik, 47, who also lives in the Oaks of Calabasas, said that Bieber "drives his car like a bat out of hell. It wakes the whole neighborhood up."

Bieber was recently confronted by former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson after the Bieb's Ferrari was seen speeding on the road where Johnson's young daughter was playing in a toy car. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is also investigating another incident in which Bieber reportedly spit on a neighbor during a profanity-laced argument outside their homes.

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It may not have happened in his neighborhood, but Bieber did just recently get into trouble for nearly running down a photographer, and he's being sued by another for an incident involving a gun. Doesn't exactly sound like the kind of person you'd want as your next-door neighbor, does it?

People from Bieber's camp have denied that he has done anything wrong and say he is trying to be a good neighbor.

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