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Music review: LIZ “U Over Them

Perez Hilton may have been the first to note this artist’s vocal resemblance to Aaliyah, but after listening to it, he certainly won’t be the last.


I love finding new people on Facebook, and I’m particularly overjoyed I came across the profile of Decent/Jeffree’s artist, LIZ.

Her About section is simple and straightforward, displaying, presumably, her motto on life: “Everybody should find what they are good at and enjoy.”

So here she is making music, and I can testify she’s mighty good at it. Her R&B voice might make you do a double-take because it sounds so much like Aaliyah it’s almost unnerving. Aaliyah gave listeners consistent hits and a remarkable voice, and while no one can ever come close to replacing her, even the remotest similarity gave me joy.

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LIZ has her own flare, though. Her innocence as depicted on the cover art for “U Over Them” has her ironically clutching a stuffed Hello Kitty doll, and is translated perfectly into her vocals. Moreover, LIZ is definitely on the pop side of the R&B spectrum. Although her voice is reminiscent of a schoolgirl’s, there’s enough longing for it to be sensual. The song may be about loyalty to her man, but it’s evoked my loyalty to follow her career from this moment on.

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The single has some old-school vibes but her delicate voice is a refreshing addition. One YouTube commenter remarked that the musical backdrop reminded him of a time when garage and R&B coincided. Check it out and let me know whether you agree, readers! This single had me remembering the days of P. Diddy’s band Dream, but I think LIZ has some staying power that will outlast her predecessors.

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If music like this is making a comeback, maybe we can hope for a 3LW reunion or Craig David reappearance!

Photo credit: LIZ/Facebook

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