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It’s time to meet The White Queen

It’s a war story written for the women.

The White Queen -- Elizabeth and Edward

Long before Lord Grantham and his girls wandered the English earth and just a couple generations before King Henry VIII ruled, loved and reformed, England was at war. The War of the Roses was a long war, one that lasted roughly three decades, and it wasn’t fought between enemy countries and rebels and kings. It was fought amongst one family, two branches of the same large tree. The Lancasters (represented by a red rose) and the Yorks (with a white rose as its symbol) had much to gain and even more to lose. Their entire fates were tied up in a rift between brothers. It all came down to who was meant to sit on the throne, who was meant to be king.

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Amidst the bloody battles and the feuding fathers, stood mothers, daughters, aunts and, yes, cousins. Those women had a story to tell and world-renowned author of The Other Boleyn girl, Philippa Gregory, had every intention of telling their side. For those women, it wasn’t the War of the Roses, it was The Cousins War and that clash not only inspired Gregory’s newest series, but it’s also been turned into a stunning new television series.

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Just recently The White Queen — named after the first book in the series, which obviously tells the story of a York — debuted on BBC in the U.K. and pulled in quite the contingent of viewers. The show was brought to viewers by a collaboration between BBC and Starz. While it might have already premiered in the U.K., we won’t miss our chance to see it, too. Now The White Queen is on its way to America.

The White Queen premieres on Starz at 9/8c on Saturday, Aug. 10. Until then, make sure to check out the books and after the show, check back at SheKnows for a very special recap!

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