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Ivanka Trump talks daughter’s “spoiled, bratty” behavior

Ivanka Trump — reportedly worth $150 million — says she will not tolerate any “spoiled or bratty behavior” from 2-year-old daughter Arabella Rose.

Ivanka Trump at a family charity event.

Ivanka Trump might be considered American royalty but despite her reported $150 million net worth, Ivanka says she will not tolerate daughter Arabella’s “spoiled” or “bratty” behavior.

The gorgeous 31-year-old socialite and accomplished real estate executive gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly and offered the public some insider details on her parenting style.

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Ivanka was absolutely a glowing mom-to-be when the celebrity magazine asked her about her first two years of mommyhood.

“I don’t really know what kind of mom I am just yet. [Arabella’s] only, well, she’s not even 2 so she hasn’t really thrown me the challenges of a teenager so we’ll see how much of a disciplinarian I am. I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty strict.”

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Ivanka continued, “My mother was [very strict] with me. She laid down very concrete guidelines, the concept of ‘Because I said so’ was a totally viable answer.” Laughing, Ivanka says she recognizes that such rigid parenting styles may be a bit out of style. “[It’s] changed a lot now, parents are more likely to explain themselves. But we’ll see.”

One thing is certain: Arabella Rose Trump will not suffer from an entitlement complex. “The one thing I won’t tolerate is her being spoiled, her being bratty, or having poor manners. That’s an area I’ll be very strict.” On a similar note, Ivanka says little Arabella is still in the midst of a challenging childhood milestone: learning to share.

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“I’m trying desperately to teach Arabella how to share. The concept so far seems… to be lost on her.” Smiling, Ivanka explains her daughter’s mindset. “She’s really good at tell[ing] me that I need to share with her… she offers to share but when you get close she pulls [the item] back. So I think we’re like 70 percent of the way there.”

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