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How will we learn of the birth of the royal baby?

How will the Queen — and the public — learn when the royal baby is born? The palace has a plan!

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Now that Kim Kardashian has had her baby, the world’s eyes are turned back to Kate Middleton. The queen-to-be is due to give birth within the next month — but how will everyone find out when the world’s luckiest baby arrives?

Never fear, because Buckingham Palace has a plan. Insiders say that the Queen will be informed before the news goes public, but the world will know shortly thereafter. However, the Middleton family might be the first to know — Kate reportedly has plans for her mom and sister Pippa to attend the birth in case William can’t get there in time from his duties with the Royal Air Force.

“Clearly if they are together the Middleton family will be informed pretty quickly… efforts will be made to contact the Queen soon after and members of the royal family will be told as soon as is practically possible. Whether they are woken depends on what time of day it was,” a source told the Daily Mail.

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Depending on the time of day, the palace will publicly announce the news the same way they did Prince William’s birth: By erecting an easel framing a birth announcement in front of the palace. However, since the earliest this would be placed is about 9 a.m., the announcement could come via electronic press release if the baby is born late at night.

“We wanted to retain some of the theatre of the notice,” a palace spokesman told the Mail. “It is quite important to us that this is done properly and with the degree of dignity that the event demands. This is the birth of a child who will be in line to the throne. It is a rare occasion and it is nice to be able to do it with some historical precedence.”

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“While it is a deeply personal and private event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge realize this is a time of national celebration and that there will be vast interest in the baby. They realize many people will want to share in their happiness.”

And contrary to popular belief, insiders say Will and Kate don’t even know the gender of their baby, preferring to keep it a surprise. Kate is set to give birth in the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in West London, where Prince William was born in 1982.

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