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Twisted recap: “Grief Is a Five-Letter Word

The hunt for Regina’s killer continues and everyone is itching to know: Is Danny the murderer this time?

Twisted Danny Grief is a five-letter word

Things are heating up in Twisted‘s Green Grove as Regina’s funeral only heightens everyone’s desire to find her killer. Will the wrong man be placed behind bars in the name of finding the murderer fast?

Danny’s worst enemy

Danny’s getting it from all sides this week. He’s used to most of the school hating him and being leery of him, but things seem way worse now. Jo’s dad, the sheriff, refuses to take the “innocent until proven guilty” approach and won’t back down from pestering Danny. Nor will he relent on letting Jo reconnect with him. Meanwhile, Lacey’s douchey boyfriend continues to pester Danny and Jo, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. The boys end up in a knock-down, drag-out fight in the cafeteria. Of course, Danny is sent in for counseling and it appears Mr. Jock gets off scot-free. Ugh!

I hate seeing Danny so chastised, buuuuut: The fight brought his mom to school and I loved the awkward interaction between her and the principal. Last week, it was obvious something was going on with them. This week, when he asked if he could brush her hair, it became obvious: The principal is in love with Danny’s mom and she’s using that to her advantage!

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Lacey’s worst enemy

Danny’s guilt would decrease significantly if Lacey would come clean about crashing at his house on the night of Reggie’s murder, but she refuses to put her rep on the line. Plus, she’s got her own issues to deal with this week. When Reg’s former-BFF-turned-enemy Phoebe uses Regina’s death as a chance to try out her acting skills, Lacey is infuriated. She spends days simmering until a grief counseling session makes her explode.

Later, frenemy-Phoebe tells Lacey a “sweet” story about the time Regina told Phoebe’s crush that she had an STD, just so Reg could keep the guy to herself. That’s why they stopped speaking. Man, Reg was such a b****!

The Desais and the Mastersons aren’t exactly BFFs Twisted Danny Grief is a five-letter word

Sheriff Masterson isn’t the only one in the family to have beef with a Masterson. After the sheriff singled out Danny in front of the whole school, his mom, Karen, showed up at the house to talk to Mrs. Masterson. Danny deserves to have the sheriff back off just a little. Karen (Denise Richards) asks Tess to ask Sheriff Masterson to go easy on Danny… to do the right thing, “unlike the last time.”

Later, we find out what she meant: When Danny went to trial for his aunt’s murder, Karen asked that Jo be allowed to give a character statement in hopes of helping Danny out a little. It turns out that the Mastersons refused. Surprisingly, Jo understands (and so does Danny, actually) why they refused. But it definitely caused tension between the couples. Whoops.

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Suspicious minds

I really don’t want Danny to be the murderer. While I enjoy the banter between Jo and her one and only friend, Rico, I still kind of want to see Danny and Jo together. (Though next week’s preview makes that seem unlikely.) As much as I want a Jonny (Danjo?), things just aren’t looking to go in favor of Danny’s innocence.

That suspicious necklace from last week? It’s still missing, and the sheriff is bound and determined to find out why and where it went. When he showed a picture of it to Danny, he got a great poker face. When Karen showed up to tell the sheriff that Lacey was at her house on the night of the murder, he shows her the picture of the necklace and her poker face is less convincing.

Jo cooked up a master plan to try to get the mothers on neutral territory over a dinner, but the sheriff decided to crash the party. The truth about Danny’s character testimony came out over pasta, but worse still is what happened later. Even after snooping around Danny’s room, the sheriff found absolutely nothing. Jo’s mother, though, noticed the picture of Danny, his mom, his dad and his murdered aunt sitting on the table. In the picture, his aunt was wearing the necklace. Jo’s mom didn’t recognize that, but she did notice that the picture mysteriously disappeared before dinner. Now the sheriff is even more suspicious.

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We end with Danny hanging out late at night in the trio’s old clubhouse. He’s burning pictures of his aunt wearing the mysterious necklace. He even goes so far as to almost destroy the necklace itself. He stops, though.

But why?

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