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Olivia Munn: I’m “trying to overcome my social anxiety

Olivia Munn reveals everything from her favorite take-out food to the one thing she really hates to do in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine.


With the Season 2 premiere of The Newsroom just around the corner, star Olivia Munn is opening up in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine. The actress talks about everything from her workout regimen to the unusual items she keeps on her kitchen counter.

If you think her credit card statement looks any different than the average person, think again.

Munn revealed that her last bill had, “groceries from Trader Joe’s, plane tickets for my mom and niece to visit me in California, and gifts from John Varvatos.”

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While most of us might not shop at John Varvatos, a trip to the grocery store is pretty common. She also has the endless to-do list that we all seem to have.

The 32-year-old said that list includes chores like “hang[ing] up my clothes [since] my room gets so messy so fast.”

Her kitchen counter contains a few quirky items like “a SodaStream, a straw dispenser, a Yoda sculpture.”

The Star Wars fan also indulges in Thai delivery. Munn shared, “I over-order so I can have leftovers for two days.”

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After eating a few days of Thai leftovers she reluctantly goes to workout, but overall, Munn isn’t too enthusiastic about fitness.

The former Perfect Couples star said, “I struggle with wanting to work out. I hike, surf, and dance, but I think I’m going to start doing Pilates — though I’m not happy about it.”

Munn shared that she suffers from an anxious mind. She’s “trying to overcome my social anxiety. It’s manifested in trichotillomania, a disorder that gives me the urge to pull out my eyelashes.”

In the interview, the model also reveals her biggest regret, which is a heavy revelation. She discloses that she regrets “not doing CPR on my grandmother. She died because of lack of oxygen to her brain.”

However, the actress offers up a simple motto to live by that has certainly helped her through the dark times.

She said, “With the story of your life, you don’t get to write the whole book, just your character.”

The Newsroom premieres on July 14.

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