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The Goodwin Games recap: Looking in a mirror

In this episode of The Goodwin Games titled “The Birds of Granby,” Jimmy decides it’s high time he became a dad to Piper. His siblings want to help, but end up causing more trouble.

The Goodwin Games - The Birds of Granby

Well, I’ve been wondering how on earth Jimmy (T.J. Miller) managed to father a child as amazing as Piper and it was fun to find out how it happened. I can’t say that I expected the conception to have occurred exactly the way that it did, but then again we are talking about Jimmy here, so I suppose I really shouldn’t have been surprised it happened behind a gazebo. And though I was sad that Jimmy didn’t end up becoming Piper’s father by the end of the episode, I think it will be more fun to see him work on improving himself to become the dad that he wants to be.

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Everything between Henry (Scott Foley) and Chad was great in this episode. I really thought they were heading down the path of having Henry settle down at a small practice in Granville with all-American hero Chad. At first, I totally believed Chad was the better version of Henry, but then we find out he was a (gasp!) naturopathic doctor. I thought Henry was going to die of a heart attack right then and there, but I still think he did learn a few things from Chad. I mean, who knows? Maybe Henry will end up working fewer hours to spend more time with his fiancée now that he’s seen Chad do it.

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As for Chloe (Becki Newton), I loved seeing her hang out with Piper and get the chance to be the cool aunt she wanted to be. Of course, Piper was just as cool as her aunt, and I think they both learned from each other. Plus, I thought it was fantastic when they revealed that Ben had actually gotten to know his granddaughter. Call me a big softie if you want, but when Piper opened the door and we saw that Ben had been her chess teacher, I may have gotten a wee bit teary-eyed.

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My favorite bits:

“Ew, no. Plus your sister is sleeping right next to you.”
“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Henry two-fisting his coffee.

The way Henry’s voice sounded when he asked if Jimmy had actually slept with Hannah.

“I’m sorry, which restroom did you say it was again?”

All of them hiding behind the bushes when Hannah came jogging by again. The Goodwin Games - The Birds of Granby

“You’re 26 years apart.”
“Suck it, Henry!

T.J. dressed up in Henry’s clothes.

Front door, Jimmy!

“He’s polite to poultry.”

“I’m Chad. You’ve got great sperm.”

“Jimmy, your daughter’s smart. Did you get a DNA test?”

Chad trying to take Henry’s hand. Oh dear, this guy is failing left and right.

Henry’s face falling when he found out that Chad was a doctor, too.

Piper beating Chloe at chess.

“Wow, you actually see the person you’re married to every day? Weird.”

“Chad, you’re truly an American hero.”

“How’s it going?”
“Great, I think he likes me.” — The childlike joy on his face was hilarious.

Jimmy reading Hannah’s signals so wrong that he ended up accepting a nonexistent proposal and licked her face. It takes some serious talent to read things that badly.

“Don’t ever touch my hair again.”

“It’s not about prestige for me.” — Excuse me for just one second, folks. *collapses into hysterical laughter*

“You’re like a smaller, tanner version of me.”

Jimmy trying to come up with a phrase that would work as an acronym for “Chad.”

The horror on Henry’s face when he found out that Chad was an N.D.

“Oh, come on, you’re one step up from a chiropractor.”
“You take that back, sir!”

Chloe talking to her younger self through Piper.

Feeling so bad for Jimmy when Piper ran past him calling for her daddy.

“Thanks guys, you made me look like the responsible one.”

“I’m so proud of her; I wish he could’ve met her.” — I loved how Chloe and Henry both hugged Jimmy when he said that.

What did you think of this episode? Were you surprised to find out who Piper’s chess teacher was? Do you think Jimmy will straighten out his life so that he can be a good dad?

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