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Outraged Charlie Sheen “fires” Selma Blair, eyes Mila Kunis

Charlie Sheen seeks a familiar — though highly unusual — replacement for Selma Blair after he erupts in a rage over Blair’s continual trash talk on set.

Charlie Sheen is furious with Selma Blair and looks like he’s up to his old antics to get her fired.

The two actors are co-stars in Sheen’s television show, Anger Management, and it’s rumored that Charlie can’t stand how Blair continues to bad-mouth him to producers. The conflict between the two stars is so bad that rumors are surfacing that Sheen is demanding Blair’s termination and already has a replacement in mind: Mila Kunis.

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Several celebrity gossip outlets report the feud between Sheen and Blair stems from Blair’s comments — er, complaints — to Anger Management executives that Sheen is continually late to work and just generally horrible to work with.

The story goes that Sheen was so mad when he found out about Blair’s trash talk he refused to show up to work today and told the show’s crew he plans to fire Blair.

We’ve done some digging, and it doesn’t seem like Sheen can technically fire Blair — he’s not credited as a producer for the show, so he may or may not have the authority to remove her. Regardless, his outburst is unsurprising and a fitting reaction, as he stars on a show called Anger Management.

Sheen reportedly claims he fired (or wants to fire) Blair because she’s a slow reader. Insiders spoke to TMZ and said Sheen’s irritated that he memorizes 40 pages of lines for every two pages Blair learns.

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So who does Sheen want to work with instead? Why, that would be Ashton Kutcher‘s girlfriend and gorgeous leading lady, Mila Kunis. TMZ reports Sheen wants to offer Kunis $1 million per episode to take Blair’s role in Anger Management.

The celebrity news site also says that FX is hopeful this entire Charlie-Selma feud ends quickly — though any hopes for a quiet resolution are highly unlikely at this point.

Watch a clip of Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair in Anger Management below.

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