2013 Daytime Emmy Awards: Top 5 moments from the show

Jun 17, 2013 at 12:09 a.m. ET

The 40th Annual Daytime Emmys had both hilarious and awkward moments throughout the broadcast. SheKnows lists the top five moments from the show.

Sheryl UnderwoodThe 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are officially wrapped. It was a ceremony that struggled with technical issues, so the top five moments were defined by both sweetness and clumsiness.

1. Sheryl Underwood and Doug Davidson kiss

The Talk's Sheryl Underwood took a page from Adrien Brody's playbook. At the 75th Annual Academy Awards in 2003, Brody took the opportunity to give a kiss to presenter Halle Berry upon receiving his Oscar. Underwood did the exact same thing. Before she interviewed Outstanding Lead Actor Doug Davidson from The Young and the Restless, she planted a big, fat kiss right on his mouth.

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2. Jeanne Cooper tribute

Her loss was felt tremendously throughout the ceremony. However, nothing was better than her son Corbin Bernsen and former co-star Jess Walton introducing the tribute segment honoring those who have passed away over the last year.

It was Bernsen, though, who stole the show by imitating his late mother.

He pretended she was looking down at them and saying, "Oh sh*t, I'm on the memoriam list. And what's up with this ridiculous couch?"

Even Cooper knew from above that the onstage interview segment with the winners was a big bomb.

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Monty Hall and Wayne Brady

3. Wayne Brady and Monty Hall for Lifetime Achievement Award

The current host of Let's Make a Deal presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to the former host of the game show, Monty Hall. The heartfelt speech ended with Brady bringing out the 91-year-old TV legend a bit too early. Brady was caught up in the moment, and he accidentally skipped the video tribute. Hall called him out on it since the video had been prepared by his daughter, actress Joanna Gleason. After all of that fuss onstage, the video was never shown to the audience at home.

The Talk cast

4. Aisha Tyler and the wrong envelope

The cast of The Talk was onstage to present the award for Best Informative Talk Show when host Aisha Tyler opened the envelope to announce the winner. However, she had been given the envelope for the wrong category. She handled the snafu with aplomb, joking that the Showtime series Homeland had won the category since it wins everything.

Tyler also ad-libbed, "There better be a cocktail waiting on my table."

Somehow we think the Daytime Emmy producers gave her a magnum of champagne for saving the day.

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Bethenny Frankel

5. Bethenny Frankel gives an acceptance speech

The fall 2013 daytime talk show host proved her TV worthiness when she accepted the award for Outstanding Culinary Host on behalf of Lidia Bastianich of Lidia's Italy. Since Bastianich was not in attendance, Frankel seemed shocked to read from the teleprompter that she was to accept the award on Bastianich's behalf. That's when the former reality star ran with the moment.

Frankel pretended she was the TV food host, saying, "It was really difficult. It took a long time to figure out all of these recipes. I sweat blood, sweat and tears, but I'm glad you all enjoyed them."

What were your favorite moments from this year's Daytime Emmys?

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