True Blood Season 6 spoilers

Jun 15, 2013 at 1:39 a.m. ET

Big changes are coming on True Blood, and one of the principal characters won't make it to the end of the season.

Bill becomes Billith in True Blood

Change is in the air this season on True Blood. Rolling Stone interviewed showrunner Brian Buckner, who spilled the details on what we can expect in Season 6. The main theme Buckner sounded was that change is the name of the game. Don't worry: Bill and Sookie are still the focus of the show, but their relationship has taken a backseat.

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Expect to see a more grown-up Sookie Stackhouse. Now that Anna Paquin's a mom, she is growing up in her life and is ready to take Sookie with her. In Season 6, she'll be a little less naive and a little more in tune with her wants and needs. But we'll also see a Sookie that's a little darker, according to Buckner. I think we saw this taking shape in Season 5. She's getting tired of all the supernatural shenanigans. Not that we blame her.

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Bill (or Billith)

Don't think that now he's Billith, he's suddenly all bad. In fact, in the first episode, he asks Jessica to watch his back and make sure he doesn't lose control. Not that it works too well for him, but the intention is there, which means there's hope for our beloved Bill (Stephen Moyer) to return to his inherently good nature. At the beginning of Season 6, though, he's locked in an inner struggle between the Bill part of him and the Lilith part of him. It wouldn't be True Blood if the Lilith part didn't win at least a little. (We're guessing it will be a lot.)

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Other spoilers to note

  • Steve and Sarah Newlin are going to return to the show in a meaningful way. (When we last saw them, he was a vampire, and she was hooking up with Jason.) 
  • There's still tension motivating a Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle, though we'll see it at an impasse in Season 6.
  • A principal character won't make it through the season. (Could it be Lafayette? His character originally dies in the second book, but the show liked him so much, the writers decided to stray from the novels. We hope they haven't finally decided it's his time.)
  • If (and when) a character on the show dies, expect a pause to grieve. Buckner wants people to remember that life matters. The show wants to tell the human side of the supernatural stories.
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