Burn Notice recap: Echoes of the past play in the present

Jun 14, 2013 at 7:12 a.m. ET

In Burn Notice's 100th episode titled "Forget Me Not," Michael is stuck between the past and the present as he returns to Miami, but keeps his presence hidden from his friends.

Burn Notice 100 episode - Forget Me Not

You know, I really don't think I was prepared for how much this episode would affect me emotionally. By the time we got to that final scene, I was a total wreck. As the episode's director, Jeffrey Donovan did an incredible job of giving us the familiar elements we all know and love about this show, but with some extra bits that made it all his own. I felt like we were seeing his influence all over the flashback scenes and they definitely were some of the best parts of this episode.

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Michael (Donovan) returns to Miami after learning that a man had used his mother to find out he was still working with the CIA. Watching him having to not only have to stay away from his friends, but actually listen in on their conversations was rough. But I did love how nearly every time his eyes fell on Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), he drifted off into those wonderful flashbacks about the days when they first met. Michael and Fi falling in love, speaking in those strong Irish accents, within the imagery that Donovan gave us was indeed a wonderful thing.

I also liked that, though each of them were upset with him in their own ways, his mother (Sharon Gless), Jesse (Coby Bell), and Sam (Bruce Campbell) all readily accepted Michael's return and didn't shun him like I was afraid they would. Fiona was another story, of course.

After getting kidnapped by the above mentioned bad guy, I'm sure they thought the end was near and I can only imagine how her heart must've skipped a beat when she heard Michael's voice on the phone. Michael echoing back the line from her own story about her father quite literally sent me into tears and the cinematography of that whole scene as the building blew up was fantastic.

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My heart broke for Michael in the end though when, after all was said and done, she ran into Carlos' arms and gave Michael nothing but a kiss on the cheek. But do I think this is truly the end of Michael and Fiona? Please. This is the final season and I know there's no way they would leave those two apart in the end. We'll just have to wait and see how things work out between them.

My favorite bits:

Maddie admitting that all she could think about was that she had killed her son.

Charlie calling Sam and Jesse "Mr. Sam" and "Mr. Jesse." That was so cute, my heart nearly melted.

"Hi, mom." — Are you freaking kidding me?? That man almost gave me a heart attack.

"You can't call! You can't write! You just have to wait for me to come back!" — Ugh. My heart.

Maddie asking if holding her son was allowed. Gabrielle Anwar in Burn Notice 100 episode - Forget Me Not

Poor Michael having to run surveillance of his team, especially Fiona and Carlos.

Leave it to Fi to play a drinking game that involves guns.

Oh boy, do I love it when Michael does an Irish accent. *Fans self.*

"That was fast. How did they?"
"Fi is driving."

Poor Michael having to sit and watch as his friends were ambushed.

Michael taking out the sniper. Yes!

Fi knowing immediately that it wasn't Sam's lucky shot that got the guy.

Wondering why Jesse was holding Dixon's hand, until I realized he was putting gun residue on him. Brilliant.

"You're not gonna make it to happy hour, let it go."

Michael listening to Sam and Jesse talk about how they missed him. Aw.

"Don't tell me about the job. These are my friends! My family!"

Michael screaming at Strong that he blamed himself for listening to him.

Strong turning around to find Michael gone. Yes!

"This is how I find out my best friend is alive?"

Fi's voice-over about her father playing over Michael walking in to confront Gamble.

"It's time to brave, little angel." — That part literally made me burst out bawling. The slow-mo, the Irish accent. *dies*

Michael watching as Fi ran to Carlos.

"Anywhere else I should check, Mike? Like my molars?"

Jess telling Mike the next time he was in town to skip the bugs and pick up a phone.

Sam telling Michael to let them know if he needed help. Aw.

The whole "Tonto and horse" conversation.

"You remembered my story."
"I'll never forget it."

Ah! A kiss on the cheek? That was just rude, show.

"Taken? You see that? That's the kiss you give when it's over." — Ouch.

What did you think of the 100th episode of Burn Notice? Were you happy to see Michael back in Miami with his friends?

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