Graceland recap: "Guadalajara Dog"

Jun 14, 2013 at 7:25 a.m. ET

Mike is such a newb! But he's catching on fast, and his eagerness is often overshadowed by his skill. That doesn't mean he couldn't stand to learn a few things, though.

Graceland recap

Poor Mike just can't win. This week started off with a bit of action when Johnny and Briggs took Mike (Aaron Tveit) to a taco truck. Innocent enough, right? Sure... until some dude tried to steal a bag of chips and punched the owner in an effort to get away. Mike, the perpetual Boy Scout, took off after the perp — chasing him for blocks down along the beach. Not cool. At Hector's, Mike, Johnny, and Briggs are just three normal dudes. Johnny (Manny Montana) has to tackle him to get him off the dude's trail.

It looks like Mike has a lot to learn.

Lesson No. 1: Don't forget your cover, Mike!

Maybe the problem is that he just doesn't have one yet?

After that rookie mistake, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) is leery of letting Mike loose on one of his cases. But Mike's not in Cali just to hang out in a fancy house and learn to surf... he wants a case. You know, aside from the "case" he got last week, where he's secretly keeping an eye on Briggs. In other words, Mike's already got one cover: That of a normal, trustworthy Graceland roomie. Now he wants another, something to keep him truly busy.

Can he keep it up? We'll just have to watch and see. It looks good so far, though.

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Lesson No. 2: A truck full of birds is rarely just a truck full of birds

There's nothing quite as entertaining as listening to Jakes (Brandon McLaren) adopt a Jamaican accent while undercover. Last week we saw him talking to a bird dealer and this week was more of the same. Except when it wasn't. After stumbling upon a wooden case at the back of a U-Haul truck full of exotic birds, the bird dealers shut him up in the truck, took off, and left him behind. It turned out the case was full of bullets referred to as "cop killers." Looks like the bird dealers are also arms dealers. Eek.

Lesson No. 3: Know their tells

After Mike witnessed Briggs put a bullet into two Russians to save his life, Mike was summoned to the the FBI building downtown for an evaluation with a shrink. When he got to the office, he discovered the "shrink" wasn't a shrink at all. A book on the coffee table was too suited to Mike's interests, the dude wasn't a doctor, and he didn't approach talking with Mike in a normal, slow-paced manner... he grilled him. The "shrink" turned out to be Mike's boss for the investigation of Briggs. He's shady as all get out, though, and he still wouldn't tell Mike what the FBI is looking for from the investigation. All he'll tell Mike is that figuring out Briggs is the key to enjoying a long, successful career in the FBI.

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Lesson No. 4: Weasel your way in

Graceland recap

Mike wants on a case so bad! He knows that's the key to bonding with Briggs and earning his trust... and he finally got in.

Those bird bullets? When Mike found out about them, he knew they were exactly the thing that would help Briggs on a case he'd been working with a guy named Bello. Who better to supply the bullets than a reservist from Camp Pendleton? Mike definitely has the clean-cut military man look to him.

It took a bit of weaseling to get Briggs to agree to it (and their roomie Paige's own issue that needed Briggs' help). Even more smooth talking was needed for Jakes to trust him with the bullets. But eventually Briggs agreed to Mike's plan and to let him help out.

And he never would have figured out how to wriggle into Mike's case without a little guidance from Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito)! They bonded this week, too, when she had him pose as her boyfriend for a trip to a club. They were seriously adorable together... is it wrong to want something to come of that?

The best part of Mike's weaseling is that, as he does it, he bonds and begins to fit in on the "island of misfit toys" that make up the agents in their home at Graceland.

Lesson No. 5: Revel in your good days

What Mike didn't know was that his plan was mixed up with Briggs' own plan. Bello's people bought the bullets, but Briggs set it up so Bobby Moy (the guy Paige was working) carjacked the buyers and stole the bullets. Then Briggs and Mike showed up to buy the bullets back from Bobby. The swat busted in and arrested Bobby, Briggs earned his way in with Bello, and Mike got a little closer to Briggs.

Boy Scout Mike just wasn't feeling the spontaneity of the plan, however, nor all the various things that could have gone wrong. Briggs explained that, yeah, things could have gone wrong. But they didn't, did they?

"Today was a good day," Briggs said. "Accept that. Revel in it. 'Cause not all of them are."

Lessons learned: 5
Covers kept: 3
Bad guys caught: 2

Well done, Mike.

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