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Jennifer Aniston talks hair: Jealous of Kate Middleton

Jennifer Aniston chats about her famous hair, spilling secrets about how much she hated the infamous Rachel ‘do and why she’s jealous of Kate Middleton’s lovely locks.

For quite a while there back in the ’90s, Jennifer Aniston may have been starring on a hit TV show, but
the one thing that most people wanted to talk about was her hair. Recently the star opened up to Marie Claire about those famous locks of hers, including a few hair care secrets and the truth about the infamous “Rachel.”

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Though the style that made her a hair icon on Friends is now long behind her, Aniston still has some gorgeous hair. Is it all natural? Aniston says no way. “I have naturally wavy, frizzy Greek hair, and over the years it’s taken a beating from blow-dryers, flatirons, curlers, and extensions, which I think are the most damaging. I couldn’t get it to grow because it just kept breaking. Even when it was longer, it didn’t look long because the ends were so thin. I ended up using clip-in pieces just to fill it out,” she revealed.

When asked if she’s ever used extensions to help out her hair, Aniston said, “Yes. There’s only so much hair can take. Mine was really brittle, dry, and dull, but the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment brought it back to life.”

Aniston also credits Chris McMillan, aka the brand’s celebrity hairstylist, with saving her hair and creating The Rachel. “[We met when] he was 29 and I was 24. My manager at the time said, ‘You have to do something with your hair, it’s horrible!’ I walked into the salon and Chris just lopped it off. I mean, at that point it was pretty much The Rachel.”

But taking care of that famous ‘do wasn’t easy. “The Rachel was high maintenance. I’d curse Chris every time I had to blow-dry. It took three brushes — it was like doing surgery!” Aniston said, adding, “The Rachel was horrible!”

Speaking of The Rachel, we’re betting that Aniston was happy she didn’t have to try to do the hairstyle again when she, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry got together for a mini Friends reunion video on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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She’s happy that her hair routine isn’t as hard as it was back then. “Now I apply Living Proof Prime Style Extender and let it dry naturally for about an hour. Once it’s halfway dry, I use low heat around the hairline and twist the strands with my fingers to get the cowlicks out. It’s done in 10 minutes.”

Who does Aniston envy when it comes to hair? It seems Aniston wishes hers looked like Kate Middleton‘s, but is also happy she’s not as much in the public eye as the princess. “Does she do her hair herself? She’s got a hard job, being scrutinized like that. When I have a bad hair day, my hair just goes in a clip.”

It’s not just Aniston’s hair that’s looking great these days — recently she showed off her amazing body for the movie We’re the Millers.

What do you think? Did you like The Rachel or do you prefer Aniston’s hair the way it is now?

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