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Pretty Little Liars spoilers! What can we expect in Season 4?

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars kicked off this week — and by the looks of it, we’re in for a wild ride. We chatted with the cast this week at the Paley Center in Hollywood and got them to spill some of the secrets from this season. You aren’t going to believe what they said!

Pretty Little Liars spoilers

Keegan Allen

Keegan Allen — who plays Toby on Pretty Little Liars — told SheKnows he loves working on the show, adding that writers have done a great job of maintaining the mystery while building the characters.

  • Keegan referred to “A” as a “he” — and then tried to play it off like he meant to say “he or she” or “shim.” Hmmm.
  • Spencer and Toby will have more rough patches this season. “They’ve had their relationship for a while and it’s a love story,” he said. “We kind of get that bond between them that’s grown now through all the trust issues… and now to that reveal and how much she can trust them.”
  • We’ll learn more about Jenna’s past and where she’s been. “I’m cautious to say that I don’t think it was the most innocent place.”
  • Toby learns more about his past and “it’s heavy material for any platform,” Keegan said. “The issue that Toby went through and is going through is severe.”
  • Toby and Spencer go to Ravenswood and “it’s not what I expected it to be,” he said, adding it’s “really, really creepy… in a way I can’t explain right now.”
  • Toby and Caleb team up to solve a piece of the puzzle. “I’m really excited,” he said, saying the audience gets to notice the guys without the girls.

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Sasha Pieterse

Sasha Pieterse told us we’re definitely going to see more of Ali on this season of PLL.

  • Mrs. DiLaurentis is back. “It shows kind of where Alison got it from,” Sasha said. “Alison is kind of overcome with her mom and she gets more manipulative.”
  • “This season is a season of answers,” Sasha added. “I think that’s great. You find out what’s in the trunk. You find out interesting things about Redcoat. You find out interesting things about people’s boyfriends. And, uh, you find out about Alison’s past… and more!”
  • “Alison is a very interesting person,” Sasha said. “She’s not as mean as everyone thinks she is.”

Tyler Blackburn

Tyler Blackburn — better known as Caleb — clued us in to a bunch of what happens in Season 4.

  • “There’s stuff about Alison, who “A” is… everything. It was crazy,” he said. “I think it’ll be exciting for viewers.”
  • “Caleb and Toby are going to be snooping and solving a mystery of their own,” Tyler said, adding that they’ll be doing some “other really cool things” to help the girls out.
  • As for his new show, Ravenswood? He dished on that, too. “Well, Ravenswood is definitely more supernatural,” Blackburn told us. “There’s a very haunting element to it. Pretty Little Liars is scary and dark, but Ravenswood is scarier, darker. I feel like Pretty Little Liars is about clothes and romance as well as the mystery. Ravenswood is like, straight up mystery.”

Troian Bellisario & Shay Mitchell

Troian and Shay both told us one thing we’re going to learn about their characters this season.

  • “I think that “A” is definitely messing around with the parents of the PLLs more, Shay said, adding that “A” — whom Shay referred to as a “she” — messes with Emily the most.
  • “For Spencer, it’s more of a secret that’s revealed to her through Toby,” Troian said. “It’s a big part of his past and is kind of a fragile subject. She gets involved with it and it causes a sort of rift between her and the girls because she has to protect Toby and usher him through this new mystery.

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