PLL's Tyler Blackburn on Ravenswood: A scary, creepy mystery

Jun 11, 2013 at 7:38 p.m. ET

Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn confirms he's leaving the hit ABC Family show to join the new supernatural thriller Ravenswood. We met up with the adorable actor at the Season 4 premiere at the Paley Center on Monday night and got him to dish on all things PLL and Ravenswood.

Tyler Blackburn wasn't sure what to believe when he heard that his Pretty Little Liars character, Caleb Rivers, would make the leap from one show to become the lead character on another.

"At first it turned into, 'I believe it when I see it,'" the 26-year-old actor told SheKnows Monday night at PLL's season premiere at the Paley Center in Hollywood.

"Once that happened, it became bittersweet," he said of leaving the show that made him famous and "leaving the people that I've grown so fond of."

The silver lining?

"It's part of a franchise so I'm still part of that family," he said, adding that his onscreen relationship with Hanna won't come to an end this season.

Tyler Blackburn talks Pretty Little Liars

"They don't break up," Blackburn said, adding that the show "…leaves it open-ended and room for crossovers show to show."

As for what we're in for this season on PLL? Plenty!

"So much that happens in every single episode," he said. "So much that's revealed. "There was one script [that we filmed] that like, so much was revealed that my head was spinning. I feel like, 'How do you reveal all and still have a show?"

Any spoilers?

"There's stuff about Alison, who "A" is… everything. It was crazy," he said. "I think it'll be exciting for viewers."

Caleb even gets some "alone time" with Toby.

"Caleb and Toby are going to be snooping and solving a mystery of their own," Blackburn revealed, adding that they'll be doing some fighting and "other really cool things" to help the girls out.

It sounds like filming their testosterone-filled scenes was a ton of fun, too.

"I don't know why… we laughed so much until the point when the crew was a little bit like, 'We have lunch, guys, come on,'" he joked. "We haven't worked together in so long it was like a breath of fresh air."

We're definitely looking forward to this season of PLL, but we really want to know what we're in for when Ravenswood makes its debut in October.

"Well, Ravenswood is definitely more supernatural," Blackburn told us. "There's a very haunting element to it. Pretty Little Liars is scary and dark, but Ravenswood is scarier, darker. I feel like Pretty Little Liars is about clothes and romance as well as the mystery."

"Ravenswood is like, straight up mystery."

We can't wait to get scared!

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