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Jail time! Chad Johnson sexually harasses his lawyer in court

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson overplayed his luck Monday when he pulled a courtroom stunt that landed him 30 days of jail time.

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson
will spend the next 30 days in jail for a probation violation related to his domestic abuse case against his then-wife, Evelyn Lozada (Johnson and Lozada finalized their divorce in September 2012). Despite the lack of jail time over his domestic abuse charges, it looks like Chad will spend part of the summer in jail after all.

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So what landed the NFL star behind bars for the next month? It was Johnson’s decision to show a little friendly man-love for his attorney — which the judge did not find amusing despite the courtroom’s laughter.

CNN reports Johnson appeared in court in Monday to respond to a probation violation for failing to meet with his probation officer as scheduled. Judge Kathleen McHugh questioned Chad on if he was happy with his attorney and — in a public display of affection — Johnson responded with a smile and slapped his attorney’s derriere.

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The antic angered the judge who expressed her disappointment that the beleaguered NFL player seemed to take the entire proceeding as joke.

Johnson sobered up as he responded, “I had no intent to make this a joke, because my life is in shambles right now.” Despite his apology, the judge removed Chad form her courtroom and dismissed his plea deal.

TMZ reports the terms of the plea deal were “pretty favorable” to Johnson but now he’ll get to think about that single butt slap every day for the next month. He was arrested at the courthouse and booked into jail last night.

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