Scandal Season 3: What's up with Quinn?

Jun 11, 2013 at 5:12 p.m. ET

TVFanatic spoke to Scandal star Katie Lowes about what fans can expect from Quinn when the show returns next season. They've agreed to let us share a few snippets with you.

Katie Lowes teases Scandal season 3

Katie Lowes stars as Quinn in ABC's hit series Scandal, which will be heading into its third season this fall. Quinn started out as a mystery and though we've learned a lot about her story, there's apparently no end to the surprises she has in store.

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In the latter part of Season 2, Quinn became a mini-Huck of sorts, and showed unusual talent when it came to torture. What does Huck think of his new protégée?

"He's created a monster and I don't know how you go back from that."

Quinn had her previous identity stripped from her — could it be that attaching herself to Huck is a way for her to find a new one? Lowes spoke about what Quinn might be searching for in terms of an identity next season.

"I definitely think she's looking for an identity. I think that she likes being good at things. I mean, before Quinn Perkins was Quinn Perkins, she was an A student. She had the best boyfriend. She doesn't like to not succeed. She likes to be good at what she does, and she likes to fit in, and she likes to belong, like everyone. I mean, I think when Huck was training her she was like, 'Okay, I'm going to do this to the best of my possible ability so that I can impress you, and I can prove myself in this office where everyone is really good at what they do.' In my heart, I think she's definitely going to continue to try to be on that path and find her new identity."

In the season finale, we saw Quinn take a huge step forward when she picked up a drill and started using it to get the information that she needed. That might have looked easy for Quinn to do, but it wasn't quite as easy for Lowes.

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"I tried not to think about it at all because it's hard to start to imagine in your mind what it's going to feel like to have a drill in your hand, and blood on your face, and a dude tied up, hogtied, completely naked. Like I've never been in that situation before. But guess what? I'm about to shoot a television show where they're going to recreate it, almost perfectly, aside from actually drilling him, right? So I'm like I'm just going to show up in this situation and I'm going to let that feeling overcome where I'm going to be like Huck. 'I got this. I can do it. It's okay. You don't have to. I'm going to do it.'"

The powerful scene was a turning point for Quinn and maybe Lowes as well.

"And then when it happened I was like, 'Oh, this is awesome.' Like 'I have never been this powerful in my life or have had this much control over a man or a person ever before,' and it's a real adrenaline rush. And I felt like 'Oh my gosh, I did it, I did it.' So I don't know where you go back from there."

Watch out for Scandal Season 3 when it starts this fall. We can't wait to see what happens with Quinn now that we've heard more from Lowes.

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