Jackson family against Paris living with Debbie Rowe

The Jackson family plans to fight Debbie Rowe for guardianship of Paris Jackson, but Rowe has shown no signs of fighting them back. Will a judge decide the teenager’s fate?

Just a week after being admitted to the hospital for an attempted suicide, Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old Paris Jackson family against Debbie Rowe getting guardianshipdaughter Paris Jackson has even more family drama on her hands than before. Her mom Debbie Rowe has made it clear that she would be more than happy to have Paris live with her, but it looks like the Jackson family is vehemently against the idea.

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TMZ reports that many Jackson family members have expressed outrage at the prospect Debbie Rowe could become Paris Jackson’s legal guardian.

Paris reportedly didn’t feel loved in the Jackson household and has had trouble connecting with grandma Katherine Jackson. The distance she felt at home was one of the reasons that she started bonding with her mother over the last few months.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ that the Jacksons believe Debbie’s motivation is to put herself in the public eye, as evidenced by her statement to the media after the suicide attempt. One source said, “If her intentions were pure she’d be speaking to the family.”

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Apparently the family plans to fight Debbie “tooth and nail” if she attempts to secure guardianship of Paris. Interestingly enough, Rowe has shown no signs of fighting for guardianship, so the Jacksons might be preparing for a battle that will never come — at least not from Rowe. Currently a judge is the one who is determining what will happen with Paris in the future. Grandma Katherine’s guardianship is being reviewed to see if she’s able to properly care for Michael Jackson’s three children.

It seems like the Jacksons might be realizing that their guardianship could be in question and are taking out their anger on the only target they can see at the moment, which is Rowe. But considering how troubled Paris has been, could it be that living with her mom might be the best thing for her? We hope that she ends up where she’ll get the love and support she needs.

Image courtesy of TMZ