The Goodwin Games recap: Family always tells you the truth

Jun 11, 2013 at 5:10 a.m. ET

In this episode of The Goodwin Games, called "Hamletta," Chloe learns that sometimes the truth hurts and that sometimes it can be the greatest thing ever.

The Goodwin Games - Hamletta

In the beginning of this episode, I started to wonder if Chloe (Becki Newton) actually was a really good actress and maybe Henry (Scott Foley) was the only one who didn't like her work. Even after we saw that the creepy Mr. Quilty (played by the amazing and wonderful Dave Foley) gave her a shot after seeing that awful audition, I still thought maybe she was going to pull something out of her hat and surprise us all. But in the end, I'm happy that things turned out the way that they did for her. Obviously going back to school was the right choice, but her dad knew that she had to work that one out (every pun intended) on her own. Also, how awesome was it that she met up with poor Ivan again? Talk about a guy growing into his looks. Yowza.

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With Chloe taking center stage (again, all puns intended) for most of this episode, that left Jimmy (T.J. Miller) and Henry mostly as background players, but there was still some fun stuff with them as well. The whole story of Henry and Kate/Marta's texts was great. I thought it was awesome that Henry was so into what flowers he wanted at his wedding. As for Jimmy, he did a fantastic job at telling Chloe everything she wanted to hear when she needed to hear it. He had no problems lying to her to keep her happy and he also had no problem telling her the truth when she was ready to hear it. Every episode finds the siblings growing closer together and I'm loving it.

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My favorite bits:

"Appendectomy over the phone. Boom! You're welcome."

"Go ahead, Henry. Kill it."

"There was an ostrich in our kitchen."
"Yeah, that'll happen."

Getting a peek at Chloe's high school audition. Whoa. Becki Newton in The Goodwin Games - Hamletta

"I might as well serve fish sticks and wear a denim tuxedo."
"I'd go to that wedding."

Henry being brave enough to tell Chloe that she wasn't a good actress.

"The Buddha teaches us to eliminate our earthly desires."
"Yeah, well, the Buddha never had to sit through one of Chloe's plays."

"He gave you the part because he wanted to give you the part."

"I bet that's fun."
"It is if you're stoned all day."

Jimmy pointing out that Henry throwing his phone in the pitcher was probably a violation of his Hippocratic Oath.

"What's up there, Keith the Teeth. I mean Officer... the Teeth."

"Take him down, Keith!"

Keith ordering Quilty now to jump out the open window of the cop car.

"The guy's a perv."
"Called it."

"I saw that episode of CSI you did. I liked you in that one."
"I played a mutilated corpse."
"I know."

"Henry, the Buddha woulda."

Henry realizing that he'd sent some pretty personal texts to Marta.

"Nice penis, by the way."

"And now, Marta has seen my penis."
"Yeah! Boo? Boo."

Jimmy finally admitting that Chloe was a terrible actress.

Chloe trying to prove why she shouldn't get back into math, by using math.

The boys screaming "Yes!" when Chloe finally realized that she needed to go back to school.

"You should've seen your face! It looks similar to what it is now."

"Carl, that is not your Jell-O!" — Any time I find an ostrich in my kitchen, I'm going to say that.

Chloe pointing out to the cute guy that she was new. And incredibly smart.

Literally saying "Oh my god!" When we found out that the cute guy was Ivan.

What did you think of this episode? Have any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own?

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