The Young and The Restless: Phyllis' most devious moments

Jun 14, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Two-time Daytime Emmy winner Michelle Stafford of The Young and The Restless, known to fans as Phyllis, is up for Outstanding Lead Actress this year. With the veteran star exiting the show soon, we look back on Phyllis’ timeline of notorious behavior.

The Young & The Restless' Michelle Stafford aka Phyllis1994

When Genoa City’s Danny Romalotti broke away to pursue his rock star dreams on Broadway, he got more drama than he bargained for. Cue: Phyllis! An obsessed fan, she drugs Danny and gets him in the sack so she can convince him he knocked her up — ultimately causing Danny to divorce his estranged wife, Christine, and marry Phyllis. Oh, and there was that little matter of Phyllis running down Christine and Paul in her car on their wedding day!


Although no one knows for certain just how troubled Phyllis really is, Christine has her suspicions and starts investigating Phyllis’ past. Never one to be outsmarted, Phyllis outmaneuvers Christine by convincing a former coworker to alter her son Daniel’s paternity tests.


When Danny and Phyllis are ordered to undergo marriage counseling, Phyllis senses their psychiatrist, Dr. Tim Reid, is attracted to her and opts to use it to her advantage by seducing and then blackmailing him into saying Danny and Phyllis’ marriage has a chance. He later recants, and Phyllis and Danny split.


Still stuck on getting rid of Christine, Phyllis convinces her ex-marriage counselor-turned-husband, Dr. Tim, to follow Paul and Christine to the Caribbean, where they're honeymooning. She then breaks into their room and plays pranks on Christine like putting an eel under the sheets.


When — despite all odds (and sanity) — Phyllis and Danny end up remarried and happy, the former DNA lab coworker Phyllis paid to alter Daniel’s paternity results, Sasha Green, reenters the picture. Sasha blackmails Phyllis, but never gets to leave town with the bribe. Although she isn’t charged, Phyllis is questioned when Sasha turns up dead. Other highlights of the scandal-filled year? Drugging Daniel’s real father to get blood for another paternity test and, subsequently, being declared unfit for motherhood.


During her custody battle with Danny, Phyllis begins shacking up with her ex-con lawyer, Michael Baldwin. She later moves in with him, growing increasingly jealous of the time he spends with a client. To teach him a lesson, she kidnaps him and holds him hostage.


Following a relatively tame period of time in her life, Phyllis’ claws come back out when she blackmails Brad Carlton — using his affair with Sharon Newman as ammunition — to force his hand in voting Neil onto the Newman Board. She then gets in a tussle with Sharon and Dru over the blackmail, which ends with the other ladies going over a cliff!


Phyllis breaks into Sharon’s hotel room and goes off the deep end, shredding her clothes and trashing the place. But hey, Nick had just cheated on her — twice! — with Sharon, so, touché.


After doing the seemingly altruistic deed of saving Sharon from jail, Phyllis goes back to her typical shady lady antics by stealing and publishing compromising photos of the A.D.A. on Sharon’s case, getting her fired. She gets arrested but, in typical Phyllis fashion, makes a deal with Ricky to drop the charges.


After piping money from her daughter’s trust fund to pay off her ex, Tim, so he won't blow the whistle on her criminal past, Phyllis tells him she’ll have sex with him if he’ll leave her alone for good. Unfortunately, Tim overdoses on a lethal cocktail of Viagra and wine, and Phyllis has to enlist a former coworker to help move the body so she can’t be implicated in his death.


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