Pretty Little Liars: Characters we wouldn't mind seeing killed off

Jun 11, 2013 at 8:27 a.m. ET

We're not joining the A-team; we're just saying if A wants to kill off anyone this season, we wouldn't mind it being one of these characters!

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Our PLL Season 4 hit list

We're not joining the A-team; we're just saying if A wants to kill off anyone
this season, we wouldn't mind it being one of these characters!

In the first three seasons of Pretty Little Liars, there have been many characters that suddenly disappeared or died a violent death because they got in the way of A's plan. With the Season 4 premiere on the horizon, SheKnows got to thinking about a few of the characters we kind of want to get the ax next.

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Maggie Cutler (Larisa Oleynik)

Maggie Cutler (Larisa Oleynik)

This one might seem a little bit brutal considering she's a mom and everything, but she's just kind of boring. And think of all the drama it would cause if she suddenly vanished. There would be a little boy that Ezra would have to take care of full time, definitely putting a strain on his relationship with Aria. Not to mention, A could easily point the blame in Aria's direction.


Veronica Hastings (Lesley Fera)

Veronica Hastings (Lesley Fera)

Aside from her lawyer skills, Veronica is kind of useless. All she does is give disapproving looks to Spencer and annoyingly take Melissa's side. She's so secretive it seems like she might know a little more than she lets on, which would give A reason to get rid of her. It'd be a great way to dig deeper into what Melissa really knows, and besides, Veronica's striking resemblance to Mariska Hargitay from Law & Order: SVU is just confusing sometimes.

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CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray)

CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray)

Although CeCe is a good stand-in for an Alison type of character, she just hasn't brought much to the table. The only interesting thing about her is her involvement with older men who actually have the potential to be Ali's killer. Honestly, she'd just be a lot more interesting dead.


Shana (Aeriél Miranda)

Shana (Aeriel Miranda)

This girl seems to be a home wrecker and appears to have an alliance with Jenna and Melissa. This can't be good for the Liars, especially Emily. Before she has the chance to really ruin Em and Paige's relationship, we'd like to see her kick the bucket.

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Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen)

Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen)

This is a very controversial choice. We would all miss his blue eyes and those abs that easily shame even the greatest Greek god, but unfortunately Toby's just a lot more fun when he's dead. We've already seen the couple play detective and goody-goodies together — we don't have to see it again. Instead, let's see more of Spencer spiraling out of control and using her inner evil to combat evil. It's a lot more fun to watch!

There's no doubt that there will be threats and even possibly a murder this season, so we'll just have to watch to see who made A's hit list!

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