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Man of Steel: Jonah Hill and other unlikely men of steel

The Superman reboot is here just in time for summer, which got us thinking about the less in-your-face, less cape-wearing men of steel. Would people be as into Superman if he was chubby and wore ill-fitting clothing? What if he was hot, but couldn’t fly? With this in mind, here are a few unlikely men of steel.


Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

We’re used to Harrison Ford rescuing small children, women, dogs, the elderly — pretty much all walks of life — as his on-screen character Indiana Jones. But as it turns out, Harrison Ford has a stitch of superhero in him offscreen too. When a hiker became stranded by his Wyoming ranch, he found her and picked her up in his helicopter (sounds like a movie, right? How many stranded hiker stories end with, “And then Harrison Ford picked me up in his helicopter”?). On a separate occasion, Ford found a lost Boy Scout who had wandered from his camp in Yellowstone Park. So kids, if you’re going to get lost in Wyoming, try to do it by Harrison Ford’s ranch.

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