Mad Men recap: What happens when you call in "Favors?"

Jun 10, 2013 at 5:48 a.m. ET

Warning: The recap below contains spoilers for the episode of Mad Men titled "Favors." Do not read unless you want the entire episode ruined.

Mad Men season 6 episode 11

The penultimate season of Mad Men is quickly winding down and no one has any idea where it's headed. Here's what happened this week. Do you have any guesses for what show-runner Weiner might be building up to for the finale?

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Peggy, Peggy, Peggy

After doing some flying with Ted, Pete needed a few drinks of liquid courage to get back on the plane... and Peggy joined in just for fun. Tipsy Peggy is the best kind of Peggy. Honestly. She drops the stern "leader" act and for a while is just a giggly girl. Ted sees it and so does Pete. Of course, Pete also sees that Ted has feelings for her and he mentions it when Ted is away from their table. In an effort to change the subject, Peggy tells Pete about a conversation she had with his senile mother. From the sounds of it, her new nurse Manillo is enjoying his time with the older woman. When Ted returns, Pete and Peggy are even more giggly than before.

You know, I'm still a big fan of Peggy and Rizzo. But, I can't say I'd mind seeing Peggy and Pete together (legitimately), either. Just one problem, despite first seeming happy to be having a grand old time with his two co-workers, when Ted isn't brought in on Peg and Pete's giggle-fest, there's a different look in his eyes. He's not the kind of boss to fire a man for being too close to his crush, is he?

Then, again: When she called Rizzo to help her get rid of a dead/dying rat... that still gave me hope for them, too. Even if he was in bed with another woman. And I loved that she knows he has a "sexy voice."

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Found out about Don

Speaking of a sexy voice, it doesn't get any sexier than Don Draper's voice. This week, Sally witnesses just how sexy her dad is, too. After a cruel trick played by her friend in an effort to hook up Sally with Mitchell, Sylvia's son, Sally snuck into Sylvia's apartment to steal a letter she didn't want Mitchell to see. In the process of breaking and entering into the downstairs neighbors' apartment, she witnessed Don (Jon Hamm) get rowdy with Sylvia.

The best part: When Sally says, "You don't get to talk to me anymore!" Sounded exactly like something her mother (January Jones) has said, didn't it?

How does he respond? By telling Sally he was just trying to comfort Mrs. Rosen as she was dealing with the news that her son might have to go to war.

Ocean Spray vs. Sunkist and Ted vs. Don

You may be wondering how Don found his way back into Sylvia's skirt. In an effort to keep both Megan and Sylvia calm about Mitchell's possible drafting into the Army, Don tried his hand with Chevy to see if he knew how to get him out of it. They were useless, but Ted thought he might have another option based on his piloting connections.

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The women are eternally grateful. But the help came at a cost. There's no way SC&P could represent two juices and Don was being headstrong about Sunkist. Don agreed to drop Sunkist and Ted would try to help him out. All seems well and good, but it sounds like just one more thing for Pete to hold over his head later.

True love waits?

We saw two interesting professions of love this week, as well. First, there was Pete's mother, who most assuredly was not imagining a fling with her nurse, Manillo. Or was she? When Pete tried to confront Bob about the possible sexual encounters of his mother, Pete blew him off. She's senile... and also probably not his type. At that point, Pete witnessed our second profession of love... or at least desire when Bob suggested love came in all different ways. And, as he brushed his knee against Pete's, we suddenly knew: Bob Benson has a crush on Pete Campbell. Which, of course, only appalled Pete further.

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One more thing: There's trouble at home for Ted.

Favorite quote: "I warned you about the memos, Ted. The more you send, the less they get read."

It sure does seem like a lot is building up this season. There's a suspicious man, some interesting non-relationships, plenty of conspiracy theories and quite a few single or near-single men and women. Where's it all going? How is it all leading up to the finale?

Are you even prepared for that finale? I'm not.

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