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Da Vinci’s Demons recap: “The Lovers

Talk about a cliff-hanger, the season finale of Da Vinci’s Demons left us with Lorenzo, Lucrezia and Da Vinci’s lives in jeopardy. Not to mention Giuliano, who’s alive… or is he?

Da Vinci and Lucrezia in Da Vinci's Demons

The Season 1 finale of Da Vinci’s Demons tonight definitely left us hanging. We’re inching our way toward the Book of Leaves and its answers, but the finale definitely didn’t provide closure. If anything, the battle between the Medicis and Rome is only heating up.

Everyone’s looking for Giuliano

At Al-Rahim’s encouragement, Da Vinci (Tom Riley) decides to leave Florence with Nico and Zoroaster on his mission to find the Book of Leaves. Al-Rahim tells Da Vinci the Book of Leaves hasn’t been seen in over 1,000 years, but it is said the book rests on the Hitching Point of the Sun. Da Vinci will have to have faith in order to find it. Al-Rahim instructs Da Vinci to travel by a boat called the Basilisk to the Canary Islands.

Al-Rahim also tells Da Vinci of a compass that will help Da Vinci on his journey to find the Book of Leaves. The compass was left by the Magician in a place only Da Vinci will be clever enough to find it. Sure enough, Da Vinci discovers a symbol on the Magician’s tomb that leads him to a concealed drawer that holds the compass.

But, before Da Vinci leaves on his quest, he has to close certain accounts — mainly, his contract with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo, on the other hand, is worrying about Giuliano’s whereabouts. Clarice suggests that maybe he ran away to avoid marrying into the Pazzi family. Lorenzo organizes a search party with Dragonetti at the lead in order to find Giuliano.

Francesco Pazzi also isn’t happy about Giuliano’s disappearance. He wants to kill the Medicis now and take care of Giuliano later. Riario, who has arrived in Florence, warns against this plan. He says it’s best to take out all of the Medicis at once.

Vanessa also wants to find Giuliano because she’s discovered she’s pregnant with his son.

Surprise: Giuliano is alive and in a forest with villagers who have been taking care of him as his wound heals. Giuliano quickly makes plans to travel back to Florence despite his injuries. He has to warn Lorenzo of Lucrezia’s betrayal and stop Rome from conquering Florence.

As Giuliano travels home, Captain Dragonetti finds him.

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Clarice and Lorenzo in Da Vinci's Demons

Trouble isn’t over for Giuliano

Lorenzo won’t let Da Vinci break his contract. He tries to negotiate with him because he wants Da Vinci’s help to save Florence. Da Vinci asks Lorenzo how much saving the city means to him. Da Vinci wants to know about Lucrezia. He admits his desire for her and asks Lorenzo how much Lucrezia means to him. Is Lorenzo willing to set aside his mistress to save the city?

Before Lorenzo can answer, news reaches Florence that Giuliano is alive.

A soldier for the Vatican tells Riario and Francesco the news of Giuliano’s survival. The two make plans to poison Lorenzo and his family during Easter communion. After Lorenzo is dead, they send men back to finish Giuliano as well.

On the road, Giuliano realizes Dragonetti has been working for Rome, but instead of killing Giuliano, Dragonetti continues to help him. Dragonetti says his only aim is to do what is best for Florence, and he has recently realized the Pazzis are not best for the city.

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Lucrezia is closer to Rome than we thought

Lucrezia goes to Da Vinci, and he is furious with her. Da Vinci knows the risks she’s taken to save her father, and Da Vinci says he would have understood if her father hasn’t rejected his offer of freedom. Lucrezia is confused by this, but she says Da Vinci’s purpose is to show people the heights they can reach while Lucrezia shows them the depths. Her words are enough to woo Da Vinci, and they kiss. He almost forgives her but backs away. He intends to continue his quest for the Book of Leaves and depart from Florence. Lucrezia tries to get Da Vinci to stay by telling him of Riario’s plans to kill Lorenzo. She begs him to help Florence. Da Vinci only suggests Lucrezia turn herself in.

Back in Rome, the pope goes to Lucrezia’s father’s cell to gloat. He thinks he’s won in the battle against the Medicis. Lucrezia’s father lowers his hood and tells the pope he thinks it’s time they play another game. Lucrezia’s father calls the pope “brother.”

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Da Vinci saves the day, of course

Just before Da Vinci is supposed to set sail, he changes his mind and runs to the church where Easter mass is being held.

Just before the Medicis are fed poisoned wafers for communion, Giuliano flings open the doors. Giuliano reveals that the Pazzis are in league with Rome, and fighting begins.

Giuliano, still wounded by Lucrezia, is stabbed again and again by Pazzi soldiers. Vanessa finds him as he dies. She tells him he will live on because she is carrying his son. Giuliano dies. Pretty sure, this time, it’s for good.

Riario takes Lucrezia at knifepoint.

Francesco and Lorenzo fight. Lorenzo’s throat is cut deeply in the fight, but Da Vinci stops Francesco’s blade before he can land the killing blow. Da Vinci uses his inventions to set off an explosion and is able to escape into a room inside the church with Lorenzo.

While Da Vinci is patching up Lorenzo’s wound, Lorenzo sees a ring around Da Vinci’s neck and knows it belongs to Lucrezia. Lorenzo asks if Da Vinci is in love with her. When Da Vinci doesn’t answer, Lorenzo says Da Vinci better finish the job the Pazzis started; otherwise, Lorenzo will kill Da Vinci and Lucrezia.

Before Da Vinci can answer, Riario fires a gun that blasts through the door where Da Vinci is hiding with Lorenzo.

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