Burn Notice recap: New deal, new bad guys

Jun 7, 2013 at 5:49 a.m. ET

In the Burn Notice Season 7 premiere called "New Deal," Michael and the rest of his ragtag group are all going in different directions. But will a new bad guy bring them back together again?

Burn Notice season 7 premiere "New Deal"

It's sad to think that this is going to be the final season of Burn Notice. A lot has happened over the past six seasons and I'm excited to see where the journey will take us in the seventh. I did find it interesting how the episode harkened back to the pilot in so many ways.

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First we had Michael lost and alone in a strange city looking very much worse for wear. Granted we didn't see him quite this beaten and broken in the pilot, but it sure came close to the way he looked when he woke up in that ratty motel asking Fi what city he was in. Just why he was there became clear as the episode went on and soon we found out that he'd been put deep undercover by a CIA agent named Strong (played by Heroes' Jack Coleman). Strong needed Michael's help to get close to a terrorist named Burke (played by another Heroes alum, Adrian Pasdar).

It turned out that Michael had been undercover for nine months, ever since the day Fi found out that he'd made some sort of deal to get them free. Speaking of his friends, they've all moved on without him, which was kind of sad, especially realizing how Michael was doing as he'd been forced to play a drunken, down-on-his-luck spy. Michael says at one point that the risk of going undercover that long is that you could lose yourself and it definitely looked like that was a possibility.

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Once the gang got word that Michael could be in trouble, I was happy to see how they all rallied to protect him — even Fi with her new home and new guy. The only question now is what is going to happen next week when Michael has to return to Miami without letting any of his people know about it. Something tells me that's not going to last very long and I wonder what Michael's going to think when he finds out what everyone (especially Fi) has been up to while he's been gone.

My favorite bits:

OK, hands up, who else talks right along with Michael all the way through the opening of each and every episode?

Wondering what in the world happened to Michael to turn him into the haunted man we saw in that Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice season 7 premiere "New Deal"mirror.

Finding that fight sequence ever so much more brutal because it was done in slow motion, especially the part where Michael flew in the air.

Inappropriate given the circumstances I'm sure, but I still did appreciate getting to see a little bit of sweaty/shirtless Michael.

"I need the old Michael Westen from before the burn notice." — I felt like that line could be setting up the entire Season 7.

"Eventually the question isn't whether the cover I.D. will attract the target; it's whether there will be enough of you left to complete the mission when it does." — Wow, just wow.

Kind of loving that they call Michael "Tiger." Totally seems appropriate.

Michael pointing out that most people didn't send guys with blades when they wanted to find an old friend.

"You take one more drink, I put a bullet in the back of your head." — Yep, that's what I call an extreme detox program.

"I'm the guy with the knife to your femoral artery." — WHOA.

Wanting to cheer out loud when Maddie said she'd quit smoking. So happy she finally did that.

Sam pointing out to Jesse that he was mad at the mysterious man because the guy held a knife to a very sensitive area of his body.

"People don't usually wire a claymore mine to their front door when they're chilling inside."

"I left my bomb robot at home, Sam."

"Are you lying to me?"
"No. Maybe."

Jesse making sure to get himself out of the way so that he could be around to take Sam to the hospital if it went wrong.

What did you think of the season premiere? Were you surprised to see where all the characters had ended up after all those months?

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