Too Pretty is the clothing brand that empowers women to achieve anything

When Cary Williams first began training to become a professional boxer, she was told that she was “too pretty” to compete in the arena with the big time athletes. Rather than deterring her, the criticism propelled her to work harder and prove her doubters wrong. Cary went on to become an Olympic-style boxer, and is now an Olympic-level boxing coach and the owner of several boxing clubs in California.

She started Too Pretty to inspire other women and girls to defy gender stereotypes and pursue any dream they have, regardless of who they are or what they look like. The company offers attire and accessories, all of which promotes the message of female empowerment and strength.

Check out her Kickstarter now and get your daughters and friends involved in the #toopretty mission.

Name: Cary Williams

Company: Too Pretty

Year founded: 2015

Twitter: @tooprettybrand

Facebook: Too Pretty



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