Fall's hottest beauty trends

by SheKnows
Oct 18, 2011 at 1:46 a.m. ET
Go for a more natural look with just a shimmery sheen on your lips. Try Sephora’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, $14 at sephora.com.

1 /9: Pink cheeks

1/9 :Pink cheeks

Add pink to the cheeks. When paired with metallic eyes and bright lips, it creates a perfect fall look. Try NAR’s blush in Sex Appeal pink, $27 at amazon.com.

2 /9: Bold natural eyebrows

2/9 :Bold natural eyebrows

Go a bit more natural this fall with thicker, bolder eyebrows. To help fill in thinner areas of your eyebrows, try the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in a hair-matching shade, $22 at sephora.com.

3 /9: Bright red lips

3/9 :Bright red lips

Go bright and bold this fall with vibrant red lips. Pair red lips with barely there makeup for a more dramatic look. Try NARS lipstick in Jungle Red, $23.50 at amazon.com.

4 /9: Lower messy bun

4/9 :Lower messy bun

Drop the sleek classic updo from the top of your head down for a bun near the nape of your neck for fall. Keep it messy and loose for a casual-chic look.

5 /9: Metallic eyeshadows

5/9 :Metallic eyeshadows

Add just a touch of glitter or shimmer to your eyes with a metallic eyeshadow to transition smokey eyes for a fall look. Use gold or bronze for a conservative approach, like Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in Toasted, $17 at sephora.com.

6 /9: Ponytails

6/9 :Ponytails

This fall, pull your tresses back into a ponytail. Go for a sleek clean ponytail, or a sexy loose one. Add accessories like a trendy feather to complete the look.

7 /9: "Cat-eye" Liner

7/9 :"Cat-eye" Liner

Add a dramatic touch to your eyes by winging out the liner at the end for a cat-eye effect. Try Lancome’s Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner, $29 at sephora.com.

8 /9: Long lashes

8/9 :Long lashes

Long, full and luscious lashes are right on trend for fall, and false lashes are a great way to get them. Try Sephora’s Flirt It Lash Duo, $8 at sephora.com.

9 /9: Nude nails

9/9 :Nude nails

Still going strong from summer, nude nails are very on trend for fall. Try Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength No Chip nail color in Nude Shimmer, $4.53 at drugstore.com.