15 fall fashions under 50 from Target

by SheKnows
Oct 13, 2011 at 1:06 a.m. ET
Blazer's are back in fashion this fall. This Mossimo blazer priced at $29.99 will look great with a turtleneck, jeans, and flats, or paired with casual pants at the office. Bold flats or heels will complete the outfit nicely.

1 /14: Maxi Skirt

1/14 :Maxi Skirt

The $15.00 Mossimo maxi skirt defines cozy in grey, and can be completed with a solid longsleeve, or a bold print. Pair with simple flats for an all out look of style and comfort.

2 /14: Sweater dress

2/14 :Sweater dress

Sweater dresses are a great fall do. This Mossimo scoopneck priced at $24.99, in purple, will look amazing with black leggings and matching flats, or with ankle boots and tights for a night out. Accessorize with a bold color, such as gold, to make the purple stand out.

3 /14: Plaid Scarf

3/14 :Plaid Scarf

The scarf returns just in time for fall. This plaid Mossimo scarf priced at $16.99, will look great with a solid colored long sleeve and jeans, alongside flats or ankle boots.

4 /14: Rustic Sweater

4/14 :Rustic Sweater

Rust is in for fall, and it certainly looks comfortable in this $22.99 Mossimo sweater! Pair with jeans and camel colored boots for daytime wear, add an over-sized belts, and a long necklace for nighttime outings.

5 /14: Platform Shooties

5/14 :Platform Shooties

Look instantly glamorous with this fall's platform shooties. These $29.99 Mossimo ankle boots will look great with tights, a knee length skirt, and cardigan. Pair with jeans and a blazer for a night out with the girls.

6 /14: Plaid Shirt

6/14 :Plaid Shirt

A classic look comes from this fall's plaid shirt. Plaid shirts look awesome (and feel great) with jeans and flats, or with boots. Add a plain colored scarf with this $22.99 Mossimo shirt to make your look a little more girly.

7 /14: Classic Long Sleeve

7/14 :Classic Long Sleeve

The long sleeve will never go out of style, and will look awesome with any of this fall's looks, including maxi skirts, pencil skirts, and jeans. Pair this $12.00 Mossimo long sleeve with a bold peacoat for a warm and cozy look.

8 /14: Bright flats

8/14 :Bright flats

Ditch the plain janes, and pair some bold colored flats, such as these red Xhilaration gems for $19.99, with your jeans and turtlenecks. Accessorize with a bag, and a necklace/bracelet in the same color.

9 /14: Statement Tote

9/14 :Statement Tote

Jeans will be instantly jazzed up with this LP LP Linea Pelle camel tote. The $34.99 statement bag will also look great with the boots offered in the same color, for a coordinated fall outfit.

10 /14: Camel Boots

10/14 :Camel Boots

Make a bold statement with these Xhilaration knee high boots priced at $34.99 in this fall's statement color, camel. These boots will look amazing over skinny jeans and paired with a long, flowing cardigan. Accesorize your outfit with a statement tote and brass jewlery to match the buckle on the boot.

11 /14: Bold Peacoat

11/14 :Bold Peacoat

Jazz up your fall wardrobe with a bold colored Mossimo peacoat, such as this beauty priced at $39.99. This will look great over any fall sweater or skirt.

12 /14: Black Hat

12/14 :Black Hat

This cute black Xhilaration hat with an adorable bow s a steal for $16.99 and will go great with a blazer, or peacoat, and will be the perfect accessory to had bad hair days!

13 /14: Black Knee-High Boots

13/14 :Black Knee-High Boots

Skirts will look more flattering when paired with these sleek, Merona leather boots for $39.99. You can also make a sweater dress look sexy with these boots, add some funky accessories, and you'll be rocking!

14 /14: Turtleneck Dress

14/14 :Turtleneck Dress

This turtleneck got an up-lift, in a stylish Mossimo dress for only $29.99! Red is a statement color, so make sure to accessorize simply with black colored jewelry, tights, and shoes.