5 Chunky hoop earrings

by SheKnows
Oct 9, 2011 at 12:02 p.m. ET
2-inch, faux gold-braided detail hoop earrings. Available at Charlotte Russe for $6.00.

1 /4: Sterling silver cut-out hoop

1/4 :Sterling silver cut-out hoop

Polished sterling silver hoop earring with a cut-out design. Available at Target for $24.99.

2 /4: Double twist hoop

2/4 :Double twist hoop

Double twist, glass stone, hoop earrings. Available at Banana Republic for $29.50.

3 /4: Chunky teardrop hoops

3/4 :Chunky teardrop hoops

Polished sterling silver earrings with a chunky teardrop design. Available on Amazon for $52.00.

4 /4: Diamond and black rhodium earrings

4/4 :Diamond and black rhodium earrings

Sterling silver earrings with 1/2 carat diamond and coated in black rhodium. Available at Ice for $145.00.