The Best Beauty Products to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

The Mother Lode

If you ask any woman about where she learned some of her best beauty tips, there's a good chance she will say she learned them from her mother. I know I did. While my mom always took a pretty minimalist approach to makeup, she was steadfast in her commitment to good skin. When I was a young teen and would oil myself up and spend hours laying in the summer sun, she would run out and make me lather on a thick layer of sunscreen instead. Then, all I wanted was a glowy tan, but now, I am so thankful for all the lessons she has taught me about the importance of taking good care of your skin. 

These days, I know exactly what to get my mom for Mother's Day each year — a beauty product that she would never splurge on for herself. Here are a few of my favorite items that any mom would love to receive. 


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