22 Celebrity Hairstyles That Look Even Better From the Back

by Katie Stanovick
Mar 12, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Truth be told, we can’t say we hate the mullet. Anything that comes with as genius a catchphrase as “business in the front, party in the back,” obviously holds a special place in our hearts. The mantra is easily transferable to a multitude of situations — an outfit, a car, a book — but we think it applies pretty nicely to hair.

Although we didn’t round up 17 of the best mullets — a project for another time, unfortunately — we did gather the best celebrity hairstyles that feature an envious party in the back. There’s nothing wrong with a sleek, classic updo, but there’s something about turning around and having everyone gasp over an intricate design or glam accessories. Take a look below and pick one to try yourself. 

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /22: Yara Shahidi

1/22 :Yara Shahidi

It's all about a power pony or two for Shahidi. In January 2018, the star wore two ponytails, and then to add even more flair, sectioned them off to create tons of volume.

2 /22: Blake Lively

2/22 :Blake Lively

In May 2016, Lively went with a classic updo but added a flower jewel at the bottom that polished the look off.

3 /22: Danai Gurira

3/22 :Danai Gurira

Black Panther is chock-full of empowering women characters, so it's no wonder Gurira is still rocking her warrior hair design.

4 /22: Emma Watson

4/22 :Emma Watson

In March 2017, Watson went with a braided twist but added gold thread throughout the braid to catch the light and everyone's eyes.

5 /22: Jeannie Mai

5/22 :Jeannie Mai

Exposed bobby pins are the new thing. In November 2017, Mai wore a French twist with an open top and accentuated the style with what is said to be 99 bobby pins.

6 /22: FKA Twigs

6/22 :FKA Twigs

The singer stunned in May 2016 with a headpiece and intricate braids intertwined underneath.

7 /22: Halle Berry

7/22 :Halle Berry

A high pony is always a statement, but in January 2018, Berry took it to another level. Her sectioning and undercut make this moment edgy and dynamic.

8 /22: Katherine Langford

8/22 :Katherine Langford

It's not all about updos. In January 2018, Langford showed how adding statement clips can transform a look from classic to showstopping.

9 /22: Rowan Blanchard

9/22 :Rowan Blanchard

In September 2016, Blanchard wrapped velvet ribbon around her sleek ponytail, but took things one step further and wrapped gold string around the velvet too.

10 /22: Kelly Osbourne

10/22 :Kelly Osbourne

There's no such thing as too much. In November 2013, Osbourne debuted thick Dutch braids wrapped in a bun and then topped it off with gold studs lining the braids.

11 /22: Christina Milian

11/22 :Christina Milian

The three-bun look doesn't have to be sleek and tight. In April 2017,  Milian made the style messy and fun when she wore the three buns close together.

12 /22: Millie Bobby Brown

12/22 :Millie Bobby Brown

Brown added black ribbon bows to her space buns in January 2018.

13 /22: Sarah Hyland

13/22 :Sarah Hyland

In January 2015, Hyland went with twists and turns for her style. The best part about this look is that you could twist any which way, and it'll end up looking great either way.

14/22 :Issa Rae

Rae always steps out with stellar hair, but in January 2018, she debuted this braided faux-hawk, and the intricacy is to die for.

15 /22: Sarah Jessica Parker

15/22 :Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker is the only one who could pull off weaving two French twists into one with the bonus detail of three white flowers.

16 /22: Rita Ora

16/22 :Rita Ora

In May 2016, Ora added geometric mirrors to her hair, and we're still wondering how she did it.

17 /22: Kate Mara

17/22 :Kate Mara

Taking a similar page from Rey in Star Wars, Mara connected two ponytails and then tied off the bottom into a bun in September 2017.

18 /22: Lucy Hale

18/22 :Lucy Hale

By adding flowers to this low braided look in May 2016, Hale's already sophisticated look became more feminine and playful.

19 /22: Laura Dern

19/22 :Laura Dern

In January 2018, Dern let long pieces hang to the front, which made it look like her hair was down, but in reality, she stunned with a loose pony and black wrap-tie.

20 /22: Lady Gaga

20/22 :Lady Gaga

Gaga stepped up the fishtail by not only adding two more but also lacing black cord between the two face-framing braids in January 2018.

21 /22: Jennifer Lopez

21/22 :Jennifer Lopez

This must defy gravity. In January 2018, Lopez rocked what looks like a pretzel but is indeed a statement hairstyle we can't get enough of.

22 /22: Gigi Hadid

22/22 :Gigi Hadid

Hadid worked three smaller buns into one big look in May 2017. The height and messiness make this a must-copy.