7 Creative Remedies Celebrities Swear By for Shrinking Pimples

Mar 7, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Celebrity Acne Kendall Jenner, Julianne Hough
Image: Getty Images/Design: Allison Kahler/StyleCaster

Let’s face it: Everyone gets pimples. No matter how many high-end skin care products line your vanity or how many times you visit a facialist a month, zits are bound to appear on your face at some point in your life. And though there’s nothing wrong with having acne, as seen by the many celebrities who have embraced their “problematic” skin, it’s also perfectly fine if you want to tone down the appearance of your blemishes as well. (You do you.)

Because we always wonder what celebrities such as Kaia Gerber and Nicole Richie do to treat their zits, we’ve rounded up the most creative at-home celebrity pimple remedies. Some stars claim their pimple-zapping methods work overnight, while others argue their remedies will take time to see effects. Still, who doesn’t love a good celebrity-recommended remedy? Check out the celebrity-approved ways to get rid of your pimples ahead.

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1 /7: Nicole Richie: Moisturizer

1/7 :Nicole Richie: Moisturizer

2 /7: Julianne Hough: Cold Washcloth

2/7 :Julianne Hough: Cold Washcloth

3 /7: Kaia Gerber: Toothpaste & Ice

3/7 :Kaia Gerber: Toothpaste & Ice

4 /7: Kendall Jenner: Egg Whites & Lemon

4/7 :Kendall Jenner: Egg Whites & Lemon

5 /7: Lindsay Ellingson: Mango & Honey

5/7 :Lindsay Ellingson: Mango & Honey

6 /7: Victoria Beckham: Eating Salmon

6/7 :Victoria Beckham: Eating Salmon

7 /7: Scarlett Johansson: Apple Cider Vinegar

7/7 :Scarlett Johansson: Apple Cider Vinegar