7 Swimwear Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

Feb 25, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET
2018 Swimsuit Trends
Image: Topshop, Moda Operandi, Zimmermann, Net-a-Porter/Design: Mike Commins/StyleCaster

We may be stuck in the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to brighter and sunnier days. In fact, all you need to do is look to Instagram for some warm-weather inspo. In the past few weeks, our feeds have been flooded with influencers and celebs lounging on beach vacations while we’re struggling to find warmth in heavy layers.

Their bikini-clad social media snaps may have given us FOMO at first, but they’ve also offered a peek into what this year’s biggest trends in swimwear will be. From belted suits that cinch at the waist to sporty pieces that stay put while you swim and sunbathe, 2018’s hottest styles have already been determined.

Whether you plan to escape the cold with your own tropical getaway or just want to get a head start on your summer wardrobe, click through to shop this year’s biggest swim trends.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /30: Belt It

Solid & Striped Belted Swimsuit
Image: Solid & Striped

1/30 :Belt It

2 /30: Belt It

Zimmermann Striped Bikini
Image: Zimmermann

2/30 :Belt It

3 /30: Belt It

Jade Swim Belted Swimsuit
Image: Jade Swim

3/30 :Belt It

4 /30: Belt It

Eres Belted Bikini
Image: Net-a-Porter

4/30 :Belt It

5 /30: Belt It

Hunza G Belted Swimsuit
Image: Net-a-Porter

5/30 :Belt It

6 /30: Ruffled Shoulders

Free People Ruffled Bikini
Image: Free People

6/30 :Ruffled Shoulders

7 /30: Ruffled Shoulders

Zimmermann Ruffled Swimsuit
Image: Net-a-Porter

7/30 :Ruffled Shoulders

8 /30: Ruffled Shoulders

Topshop Ruffled Bikini
Image: Topshop

8/30 :Ruffled Shoulders

9 /30: Ruffled Shoulders

Made by Dawn Ruffled Bikini
Image: Made By Dawn

9/30 :Ruffled Shoulders

10 /30: Ruffled Shoulders

Marysia Ruffled Swimsuit
Image: Marysia

10/30 :Ruffled Shoulders

11 /30: Sporty Spice

Cynthia Rowley Wetsuit
Image: Cynthia Rowley

11/30 :Sporty Spice

12 /30: Sporty Spice

Duskii Bikini
Image: Farfetch

12/30 :Sporty Spice

13 /30: Sporty Spice

Adidas Swimsuit
Image: Farfetch

13/30 :Sporty Spice

14 /30: Sporty Spice

Heidi Klein Bikini
Image: Heidi Klein

14/30 :Sporty Spice

15 /30: Sporty Spice

Flagpole Swimsuit
Image: Flagpole

15/30 :Sporty Spice

16 /30: Barely There One-Pieces

Boohoo Cutout Swimsuit
Image: Boohoo

16/30 :Barely There One-Pieces

17 /30: Barely There One-Pieces

Gooseberry Deep-Plunge Swimsuit
Image: Gooseberry Seaside

17/30 :Barely There One-Pieces

18 /30: Barely There One-Pieces

Kopper & Zink Cutout Swimsuit
Image: Revolve

18/30 :Barely There One-Pieces

19 /30: Barely There One-Pieces

Forever 21 Lace-Up Swimsuit
Image: Forever 21

19/30 :Barely There One-Pieces

20 /30: Barely There One-Pieces

Lolli Swim Swimsuit
Image: Lolli Swim

20/30 :Barely There One-Pieces

21 /30: Front-Tie

Frankies Bikinis Front-Tie Bikini
Image: Frankies Bikinis

21/30 :Front-Tie

22 /30: Front-Tie

Rye Front-Tie Bikini
Image: Net-a-Porter

22/30 :Front-Tie

23 /30: Front-Tie

Eloquii Front-Tie Bikini
Image: Eloquii

23/30 :Front-Tie

24 /30: Front-Tie

Motel Front-Tie Bikini
Image: Revolve

24/30 :Front-Tie

25 /30: Front-Tie

Reformation Front-Tie Bikini
Image: Reformation

25/30 :Front-Tie

26 /30: Bold Neons

Karla Colletto Neon Swimsuit
Image: Shopbop

26/30 :Bold Neons

27 /30: Bold Neons

Forever 21 Neon Bikini
Image: Forever 21

27/30 :Bold Neons

28 /30: Bold Neons

Triangl Neon Bikini
Image: Triangl

28/30 :Bold Neons

29 /30: Bold Neons

Araks Neon Swimsuit
Image: Moda Operandi

29/30 :Bold Neons

30 /30: Bold Neons

Acacia Neon Bikini
Image: Soleil Blue

30/30 :Bold Neons