9 Creative Puffy-Eye Remedies Celebrities Use to Get Rid of Dark Circles

by Jason Pham
Feb 1, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET

For most of us, puffy eyes are the bane of our existence. No matter how many hours of sleep we get or how well-rested we feel, it seems like our eyes get puffier and puffier every morning. (And don’t even get us started on those dark circles.) Luckily for us, celebrities like Lea Michele, Victoria Beckham, and Sophie Turner are sharing their tricks to de-puffing their eyes and nipping dark circles in the bud.

Some of these hacks might seem familiar (hello, homemade remedies), while others will seem foreign and a bit bizarre. (You’ll never guess who uses snails.) To get rid of dreaded eye bags, these celebrities have tried it all. Ahead, take a look at nine celebrity-approved remedies to de-puff your peepers. Wake up refreshed and significantly less puffy with these stars’ tricks.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /9: Lea Michele — Jade Rollers

1/9 :Lea Michele — Jade Rollers

Glee actor Lea Michele revealed her affinity for jade rollers — specifically Ginger Chi's jade therapy roller and argan treatment serum — on her Instagram story. The tool (which is a centuries-old Chinese beauty tradition and a favorite of Victoria's Secret models like Behati Prinsloo and Miranda Kerr) promotes lymphatic drainage, detoxifies the body and revs up blood circulation, which in turn de-puffs the eye area. The jade acts as a healing stone to soothe and relax the body.

2 /9: Lauren Conrad — Refrigerated Potatoes

2/9 :Lauren Conrad — Refrigerated Potatoes

To make herself look more awake in the morning, Lauren Conrad keeps cold potatoes in her fridge, which she slices up after waking up, soaks in water and puts over her lids to reduce puffiness and any signs of fatigue.

"To reduce puffiness, slice up a few refrigerated potatoes, soak them in water for a moment or two and then place them over your lids for 15 minutes," she wrote on her website. "Works like a charm."

3 /9: Karrueche Tran — Frozen Spoons

3/9 :Karrueche Tran — Frozen Spoons

Karrueche Tran gets puffy eyes so often, she's asked the internet for a solution. After ample research, it seems like Tran has resorted to an age-old trick: frozen spoons. In an interview with Us Weekly, the Claws actor revealed that she keeps two spoons in her freezer to de-puff her eyes before an important day. After she cleanses but before she moisturizes, Tran takes the spoons and presses them against her eye to tighten her bags and reduce any puffiness.

"I don’t know if it really makes a difference, but I feel like it works because I feel fresh," she said.

4 /9: Victoria Beckham — Bird Poop

4/9 :Victoria Beckham — Bird Poop

Victoria Beckham and her husband, David, are known to use bird poop to de-puff their eyes. (You read that right.) On an episode of Anderson Cooper's talk show, Beckham's facialist, Shizuka Bernstein, who owns Shizuka spa in New York City, unveiled her celebrity-favorite eye cream made of nightingale droppings.

The treatment, which is called The Geisha Facial, uses powdered nightingale droppings (an age-old secret of Kabuki actors and geishas) to soften, brighten and nourish the skin while getting rid of dreaded eye bags.

5 /9: Sophie Turner — Gold & 'Snail' Gel

5/9 :Sophie Turner — Gold & 'Snail' Gel

As an actor on Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner is familiar with seeing weird stuff, and her beauty routine is no different. To de-puff her eyes, the actor uses 24-carat snail gel eye patches. (Wal-Mart sells a similar product for $12.) Though the patches don't actually contain snails (sorry to disappoint), they do contain a hint of gold, which Turner swears brightens her eyes within 20 minutes.

"I have really bad circles under my eyes so I always put on these 24 carat gold snail gel eye patches. They're not actually snails! I leave them for 20 minutes, take them off and it brightens my eyes completely. It's amazing, I always, always use them," she told Elle U.K.

6 /9: Miranda Kerr — Cucumbers

6/9 :Miranda Kerr — Cucumbers

Cucumber slices might be the most well-known puffy-eye trick, but for Miranda Kerr, they're the only way to go. The Kora Organics founder revealed her affinity for cucumber in an interview with Beauticate in which she revealed that she's mashed cucumber for a natural face mask. "I also use cold cucumbers on my eyes if I wake up and my eyes are puffy," she said.

7 /9: Jordana Brewster — Eye Gels With Sunglasses

7/9 :Jordana Brewster — Eye Gels With Sunglasses

A lot of us know that eye gels (you know, the half moons you put under your eyes) are some of the best ways to de-puff your eyes in the morning. But you might not always have time for a 10- to 15-minute face mask before heading out the door. This is why Jordana Brewster recommends putting on oversize sunglasses over your eye gels, so you can de-puff your eyes while picking up your morning Starbucks.

"That really helps bring the puffiness down," Brewster told Allure. "It's a good trick. I do it all the time. Sometimes I forget I have them on. I've actually gone to Starbucks wearing them under my prescription eyeglasses, so people might have actually seen them. I just forget because they're so comfortable."

8 /9: Jessica Alba — Cold Balls

8/9 :Jessica Alba — Cold Balls

Jessica Alba stole her de-puffing trick from her makeup artist, Daniel Martin. In an interview with E! News, the Honest Company founder, who probably knows a thing or two about skin care, said that before a big event, Martin takes two cold balls used as cold compresses and presses them against her eyes. Instantly, Alba can see her eye bags shrink.

"[Daniel] has these cold balls and eye patches too," she said. "He just balled my eyes until they shrunk, and I was like, 'Oh my god, you're like a magician.'"

9 /9: Madonna — Cryo-Sticks

9/9 :Madonna — Cryo-Sticks

Madonna's go-to eye de-puffer is a more sophisticated take on cold spoons. In an interview with Vogue, the singer revealed that she uses Joanna Czech's Cryo-Sticks (essentially high-tech spoons), which she stores in her freezer and presses onto her face after spritzing it with a rose mist.

"I would lay there for a little while and take the rose mist spray — I wouldn’t get out of bed — and then use my Cryo-Sticks, which I store in the freezer,” she said. “Then, I’d lay there for 10 or 20 minutes, until my puffy eyes go down, while I’m served coffee, of course.”