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The Best Curl-Defining Products for Textured Hair

As much as we appreciate our curls, there are days when all we want is for them to cooperate. While a consistent cleansing routine plays a huge role in how they look and feel, styling products are just as, if not more, important. They’re what we use to ensure our wet coils to stay intact. And if we want to spend a little more time working on a twist-out or other defining technique, we need one to help lock in the shape of each and every strand.

Although we’ve thankfully realized that alcohol-infused formulas are detrimental to our hair’s health, most products are still not created equal. In short, you can’t just grab anything off the shelf. According to Jamyla Bennu, creator and mixtress of Oyin Handmade, the best curl-definers are ones made with natural oils “that smooth and polish the hair shaft.” For instance, broccoli seed oil compares positively to silicones in clinical tests, but doesn’t build up on the hair shaft or require harsh cleansers to remove. It’s also important to supplement your product lineup with healthy habits.

“Protect against split ends with regular trims and protective, low-manipulation styling,” she says. “Maintain a moisture balance with conditioning treatments, and never use harsh cleansers that contain sulfates. They roughen the cuticle and produce frizz.”

If you’re a fan of gels and creams as opposed to oils, always look for one made without silicones. “They are easier to remove, and this allows for more gentle cleansing, which promotes the health of your hair over time.”

Ahead are the curl-defining products that will not only enhance your natural curls, but leave them in better shape than they were before.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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