20 Perfect Fashion Combos That Will Never Go Out of Style

by Audree Lopez
Jan 22, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET

In our closets, we all have a few dynamic duos we rely on in a pinch (or on an uninspired day). Whether it’s a pair of heels you always wear with a certain dress or pair of earrings that complement your favorite sweater perfectly, those perfect pairings can be total lifesavers. But what about the fashion and beauty combos that will never go out of style — colors, patterns and layering partners that go together like black and white?

Do you have a shade of red lipstick that adds extra oomph to your little red dress or a metallic eye shadow that’s out of this world when paired with a little sequined number? We feel you, and we agree. It’s time to add a few new duos to your wardrobe and beauty routine.

We love the idea of taking a monochromatic outfit to the next level by making your eye shadow and lipstick match (or clash!) in just the right way. Or going back to the classics of denim-on-denim (because Canadian tuxes will always be on point) or mixing prints with panache.

Ahead, check out 20 of our favorite perfect style pairs that you’ll never mind playing third wheel to.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /20: Florals + Dots

1/20 :Florals + Dots

We've said it before, and we'll say it again — florals are the perfect foundation for print-mixing. They can act as a neutral, so they work great with bolder prints like polka dots and stripes.

2 /20: Bold Hues + No Makeup

2/20 :Bold Hues + No Makeup

If you're going to go bold with color, keep your makeup neutral. Add some statement earrings, a pair of shades and call it a day.

3 /20: Blue + Gold

3/20 :Blue + Gold

We love the idea of a blue or denim ensemble with golden-yellow eye shadow. It will create a warm golden glow. And top off your look with a funky hairstyle like a faux hawk.

4 /20: Denim + Denim

4/20 :Denim + Denim

Forever a classic, we love denim on denim. It will never go out of style, and you can easily dress up the look with heels and bold lipstick or keep it casual with rosy cheeks and sneakers.

5 /20: Jewel-Toned Clothes + Jewel-Toned Lips

5/20 :Jewel-Toned Clothes + Jewel-Toned Lips

Hello, jewel tones! Mix and match ruby lipstick with an emerald dress, or play with any other jewel tones for a rich beauty combo.

6 /20: Bold Hair Accessory + Statement Earrings

6/20 :Bold Hair Accessory + Statement Earrings

Play up your facial features by matching hair accessories with large statement earrings.

7 /20: Red + Blue

7/20 :Red + Blue

Go head to toe in these primary colors. Mix and match your outfit, add colorful accessories, and don't forget the matching lip.

8 /20: One Long Layer + Another Long Layer

8/20 :One Long Layer + Another Long Layer

Switch up your routine and opt for oversize all over. Pair a midi skirt with a long blazer for an instantly chic post-work cocktail look.

9 /20: Black Accents + Black Beauty

9/20 :Black Accents + Black Beauty

Focus on the details instead of the main statement. For instance, if the dress has black details, match your makeup accents as well. Take the plunge for a black lipstick or dark smoky eye.

10 /20: Neutrals + Metallics

10/20 :Neutrals + Metallics

One of our favorite nighttime pairs is an LBD with metallic pops throughout. And to make the outfit next-level, add metallic earrings and lips.

11 /20: Red + Red

11/20 :Red + Red

Whoever said redheads can't wear red was seriously disturbed. Can we take a moment to appreciate how stunning Jessica Chastain looks with her red hair, red lips and red dress? Triple threat.

12 /20: One Color + a Different Shade of That Color

12/20 :One Color + a Different Shade of That Color

Pick a color family and stick with it. Start with your boldest color as your outfit statement, like a coat, and then add different shades with your accessories, lipstick, blush and eye shadow.

13 /20: Neutral Clothes With a Pop

13/20 :Neutral Clothes With a Pop

Not a color gal? No worries. This combo is for you. Brighten up your neutral outfit with a couple of pops of color, such as a dark-blue shadow and cherry-red lip.

14 /20: Simple Outfit + Maximalist Accessories

14/20 :Simple Outfit + Maximalist Accessories

Stack up the accessories: printed crossbody, statement earrings, oversize sunnies and a hat. All hail the accessory queen.

15 /20: Statement Hair Accessory + Statement Outfit Embellishment

15/20 :Statement Hair Accessory + Statement Outfit Embellishment

Add a matching bow, wrap, headband or scarf to elevate your look and give it classic Hollywood star vibe.

16 /20: Metallic Makeup + Metallic Outfit

16/20 :Metallic Makeup + Metallic Outfit

Why keep your metallic shine to just your dress? Add some sparkly eye shadow and a glossy lip.

17 /20: Bold Hair Color + Same-Hued Outfit

17/20 :Bold Hair Color + Same-Hued Outfit

We already raved about redheads wearing red dresses, but what about taking it a step further? Match your hair to your favorite printed dress for a little color fiesta.

18 /20: Blush Top + Blush Cheeks & Eyes

18/20 :Blush Top + Blush Cheeks & Eyes

We have a major crush on blush, and we love pairing a pink dress with blush makeup tones.

19 /20: Metallic Jewelry + Shimmery Shadow

19/20 :Metallic Jewelry + Shimmery Shadow

Let your jewelry take center stage and match your makeup accordingly. We've never loved a metallic pair more.

20 /20: Primary Color + Another Primary Color

20/20 :Primary Color + Another Primary Color

It's a color party, and you're all invited. Mix, match and layer up on color. One color is just simply not enough.