13 Game-Changing Products for Your Brightest Smile Yet

by Nikki Brown
Jan 19, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Even if you’re not a fan of flashing a wide-mouthed smile, that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect oral hygiene. Besides brushing daily and biannual visits to the dentist, there is a host of habits and products that will keep your mouth in check. And the best part is you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to snag any of them.

Outside toothpaste and floss, oral hygiene brands (and some makeup ones too) have expanded their lineups to include everything from oil-pulling rinses to wipes designed specifically for wine stains. Ahead, we’ve gathered the latest and greatest products that will whip your teeth and breath into check pronto.


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1 /13: CPS Prime Interdental Brushes

1/13 :CPS Prime Interdental Brushes

Sick of hurting your gums with disposable string? Skip your traditional floss for these fine little brushes that make one single cleaning movement.  They’re also eco-friendly and last three to four weeks as opposed to a one-time use and are available in multiple sizes so there’s one for everyone.

CPS Prime interdental brushes, $10.95 for a five-pack at Curaprox

2 /13: Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

2/13 :Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal is renowned for its antibacterial properties, so putting it in toothpaste is a no-brainer. This black paste, which can easily replace your traditional toothpaste, is made with gentle, natural ingredients like coconut oil and fresh mint and has incredible whitening properties. It's also vegan.

Activated charcoal toothpaste, $5.99 at Hello

3 /13: Apa White Duo

3/13 :Apa White Duo

Dr. Michael Apa, the dentist behind the Olsens and Uma Thurman, is the man behind this portable and super-easy-to-use two-part system that gives dentist office-level whitening in just five days. After brushing, apply the gel from the pen to teeth and follow with whitening films for 90 minutes a day for five days.

Apa White Duo, $150 at Net-a-Porter

4 /13: Curaprox Black Is White Chewing Gum

4/13 :Curaprox Black Is White Chewing Gum

This vegan-friendly gum contains activated charcoal to gently remove discoloration and effectively whiten teeth. It also contains hydroxylapatite, which remineralizes and strengthens enamel and xylitol — an actual sugar that prevents decay.

Black Is White chewing gum, $6.95 at Curaprox (Available February 2018)

5 /13: Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen

5/13 :Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen

This minty bleach-free gel is an on-the-go solution for brightening dull teeth. The brand's patented calcium complex works to break up dark spots and stains, while the soft bristle brush ensures no-mess application.

Pearly Girl vegan teeth-whitening pen, $22 at Tarte

6 /13: The Dirt Oil Pulling Mouthwash

6/13 :The Dirt Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Oil-pulling is a surefire way to remove gross bacteria from the mouth, but when done with coconut oil, it can taste pretty unpleasant. The Dirt's vegan-friendly secret sauce is infused with clove and mint, which mimics the more familiar taste of a toothpaste.

Oil Pulling Mouthwash, $39.99 at The Dirt

7 /13: Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light

7/13 :Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light

This drugstore staple now comes with a UV light (the same technology used in dentists' offices), so the whitening gel can work more quickly and effectively.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light, $70 at Target

8 /13: Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit

8/13 :Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit

Miswak is a teeth-cleaning twig that's been used for thousands of years in the Middle East. Chew on the stick for a few minutes and watch it transform into a makeshift toothbrush you can brush against your teeth to prevent plaque and bad breath.

Miswak Club natural teeth-whitening kit, $19.99 at Amazon

9 /13: True Wine Wipes

9/13 :True Wine Wipes

Wine mouth is so real, but these pocket-size wipes, which you can wipe directly onto your teeth, will instantly erase any signs of happy hour.

True Wine Wipes, $7.51 at Amazon

10 /13: Glo Pop 3 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment

10/13 :Glo Pop 3 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment

Whitening trays can get messy, which is why we love this three-day kit. Simply apply the gel to your teeth and watch it dissolve into a foam that you don't have to rinse and is safe to swallow.

Glo Pop 3 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment, $24 at Glo

11 /13: Fig+Yarrow Oral Hygiene Rinse

11/13 :Fig+Yarrow Oral Hygiene Rinse

Cooling aloe, green tea extract and witch hazel are just a few of the natural ingredients utilized for this antibacterial breath freshener.

Oral Hygiene Rinse, $26 at Fig+Yarrow

12 /13: Primal Life Tongue Scraper

12/13 :Primal Life Tongue Scraper

A little-known oral care fact is that copper in its purest form packs antibacterial properties that can keep germs at bay, making this tongue scraper a must for banishing bad breath and more.

Tongue Scraper, $7.98 at Primal Life Organics

13 /13: Foreo ISSA Toothbrush

13/13 :Foreo ISSA Toothbrush

This supersonic toothbrush is made with silicone bristles that are less likely to pick up dirt while sitting on your bathroom sink. The brush also signals its user to switch to a new area of the mouth when it double pulsates every 30 seconds.

Foreo ISSA Toothbrush, $149 at Foreo