How Your Zodiac Sign Affects Your Personal Style

by Audree Lopez
Jan 17, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Love it or hate it, astrology is many people’s guilty pleasure. Even though your horoscopes might not be completely spot-on every day, learning about your sign and chart can give you more in-depth insight into your own and other people’s personalities and proclivities — even some perspective on your love life! Personally, I’m a Sagittarius to a tee. I’m optimistic, impulsive and energetic, and when it comes to fashion, I’m a total maximalist, always wearing bold colors and layers.

Personal style and clothing are individual and unique to everyone, but it can be interesting to see how your zodiac sign can play a part in what looks you gravitate toward. After doing a little research on each sign, we sorted out some of the current style trends that complement your zodiac sign.

A Taurus, who is naturally a homebody, would totally rock a matching silk pajama set from the office to host a dinner party at home later that night. The strong, perfectionist Virgo would kill the street style game in a well-tailored suit and statement heels, whereas Pisces, a true lover of the arts, should make every outfit a masterpiece with powerful colors and interesting shapes.

Knowing a little more about your sign, its characteristics and color preferences can make your wardrobe the perfect hype man for your already awesome personality. Let’s see what the zodiac has in store for your wardrobe this year.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /36: Aries

1/36 :Aries

Aries are known for being energetic and bold. They're sporty and love the color red, so what's better than incorporating athletic-wear and sneakers into the mix.

2 /36: Aries

2/36 :Aries

The ram is unstoppable and loves a daring fashion statement. We love the idea of a bold-colored statement coat, accessories or shoes. They won't take away from the sporty look and can take your leggings from cycling to brunch.

3 /36: Aries

3/36 :Aries

Comfort is key for this on-the-go girl. Look for movable pieces and matching sets that are ready for any daily adventure.

4 /36: Taurus

4/36 :Taurus

Taureans are notorious homebodies. You're the queens of matching silk pajama sets, loafers and messy topknots.

5 /36: Taurus

5/36 :Taurus

This earth sign loves working with their hands — maybe gardening, cooking or hosting get-togethers at home — so look for movable and wearable pieces you will be able to style over and over again.

6 /36: Taurus

6/36 :Taurus

Taureans are also known for their romantic streak, and we love the thought of silk robes and kimonos paired with floral details and feminine silhouettes for you.

7 /36: Gemini

7/36 :Gemini

The twin-spirited Gemini hates to be bored, so choose a look with a surprising element, like asymmetrical details.

8 /36: Gemini

8/36 :Gemini

Mixing prints and colors is perfect for Geminis, and these outfits match perfectly with your wit and charm.

9 /36: Gemini

9/36 :Gemini

One-shoulder tops and contrasting prints are also great Gemini details.

10 /36: Cancer

10/36 :Cancer

Cancers are emotional and care deeply about their loved ones. Incorporating the color red and hearts can be a fun way to showcase your personality.

11 /36: Cancer

11/36 :Cancer

Cancers enjoy home-based hobbies, good meals with friends and relaxing. Host a fancy dinner party with friends and set a color or style theme.

12 /36: Cancer

12/36 :Cancer

The crab loves being near water, so add some nautical pieces in the colors of navy, red or white to your go-to wardrobe.

13 /36: Leo

13/36 :Leo

Does anything say lion more than a yellow teddy coat? Leos love bright colors, and shades of yellow, orange and gold are the perfect fit to show off your Leo status.

14 /36: Leo

14/36 :Leo

Leos are admired, social and typically the life of the party. Show off in your spotlight with a little sequined number.

15 /36: Leo

15/36 :Leo

With a calendar chock-full of events, parties and social events, Leo's need versatile pieces like jumpsuits and classic accessories to take them from day to night.

16 /36: Virgo

16/36 :Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists, strong and independent, so what goes best with that? A power suit, of course! We love the idea of matching pieces that have strong silhouettes, classic colors and great fit.

17 /36: Virgo

17/36 :Virgo

Virgos seek items with form and function, so ditch the heels and look for look flats, T-shirts and accessories you will use over and over again.

18 /36: Virgo

18/36 :Virgo

This earth sign is analytical and hardworking, so look for pieces you can wear all day at the office and then head off to a networking event or meeting afterward.

19 /36: Libra

19/36 :Libra

Libras are charming and sensitive and hopeless romantics. Look for feminine pieces like skirts, heels and shades of red and pink.

20 /36: Libra

20/36 :Libra

Harmonious Libras are the perfect people for monochromatic sets, ruffles, lace and light fabrics.

21 /36: Libra

21/36 :Libra

Let your artistic side show with cool graphic tees and funky tulle or patterned skirts.

22 /36: Scorpio

22/36 :Scorpio

Sexy sheer items are calling Scorpio's name. Show off a little skin with a cutout, deep V or sheer fabric.

23 /36: Scorpio

23/36 :Scorpio

Scorpios are no strangers to bold fashion statements. They're natural trendsetters, and red is the perfect color to stand out in a crowd.

24 /36: Scorpio

24/36 :Scorpio

Maybe a little possessive and sometimes jealous, Scorpios would look great in a customized jacket or in monogrammed accessories.

25 /36: Sagittarius

25/36 :Sagittarius

Maximalist archers, it's your time to shine. Layer on the colors, textures and accessories for your next adventure.

26 /36: Sagittarius

26/36 :Sagittarius

Sagittarius babies are always up for trying new things and being spontaneous, so go ahead and mix and match your patterns.

27 /36: Sagittarius

27/36 :Sagittarius

Archers are always on the go and traveling and love the freedom to be creative — show that through your outfit with fun detailing and bold color combinations.

28 /36: Capricorn

28/36 :Capricorn

Capricorns are known for liking control over everything in their life. Keep it simple by creating a uniform — monochromatic, no-fuss looks, suits and interchangeable items you know and love.

29 /36: Capricorn

29/36 :Capricorn

The goat is an old soul. Tune into your inner grandma and integrate a few vintage items into your capsule wardrobe for a fancy occasion.

30 /36: Capricorn

30/36 :Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious, hardworking and filled with wisdom. Match your intelligence with smart dressing, power suits and chic silhouettes.

31 /36: Aquarius

31/36 :Aquarius

Aquarius babies are forward thinkers, dreamers and doers. They're naturally social, so have your best event clothes ready.

32 /36: Aquarius

32/36 :Aquarius

These free-spirited thinkers are eccentric and not much for consistency. Abstract outfits with unique details match their curiosity and unpredictably.

33 /36: Aquarius

33/36 :Aquarius

These social butterflies need a conversation starter, and metallic boots and statement coats are the perfect excuses to strike up a conversation.

34 /36: Pisces

34/36 :Pisces

As a lover of the arts, a Pisces is bound to gravitate toward bold prints, geometric shapes and abstract pieces.

35 /36: Pisces

35/36 :Pisces

Play with multiple colors and shapes throughout your look. The mix will tie together and create a little piece of art in itself.

36 /36: Pisces

36/36 :Pisces

A Pisces is friendly, compassionate and artsy, so show off that warmth through bright, inviting colors.