The Top Nail Trends to Try in 2018

by Deena Campbell
Jan 15, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. ET

With the start of the new year, everyone is detoxing, making healthier food choices, hitting the gym and even revamping their makeup routines. But are you upgrading your nail choices too? Sure, we still love half moons, negative space and pretty pastel colors, but isn’t it high time you gave your digits a fresh look for 2018?

But because a new year doesn’t always mean bigger and better trends are coming, we broke down a few must-have looks to dive into along with the expert tips and products you need to pull off each one. So click ahead; you won’t be disappointed.


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1 /13: Black Accents

1/13 :Black Accents

The cool thing about accent nails is that you don't need a design on every finger. Try adding black accents on all 10 nails or just one or two. “It can be tricky incorporating black accents to nails,” says Jackie Saulsbery, Adele’s nail artist. “A base of silver or gold will always work, but to go bolder and more exciting, use with light, bright colors such as pink or coral.”

2 /13: Black Accents

2/13 :Black Accents

Or pair black accents with a nude or neutral color to make it pop in a subtle way.

3 /13: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

3/13 :Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

For your black accents, try Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out, a super-dark color that won't leave a streaky and uneven finish.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, $2.99 at Ulta

4 /13: Gold or Silver Foils

4/13 :Gold or Silver Foils

It doesn't get more stunning than silver or gold foils in graphic shapes. For extra fun, try combining both colors.

5 /13: Nails Inc Fash Pack Nail Tattoos

5/13 :Nails Inc Fash Pack Nail Tattoos

Don't have time to head to the salon? Grab this kit that includes three pages of 250 individual tattoos that can be applied in an instant.

Nails Inc Fash Pack Nail Tattoos, $5 at Nails Inc

6 /13: Glitter Tips

6/13 :Glitter Tips

OK, we get it. French tips are so 1990, but when paired with glitter, the look is instantly upgraded. “The best way to wear glitter is worn over dark colors,” says Saulsbery. “Apply the glitter sideways or in a diagonal on half the nail or in a French style. To set off an amazing look for work or evening, I like to go with a pink or nude in the gray/brown family and then apply glitter and/or rhinestones on top. It’s a fun way to rock a low-key exciting look.”

7 /13: Smith & Cult Glass Souls Nail Lacquer

7/13 :Smith & Cult Glass Souls Nail Lacquer

We're obsessed with the large and small silver glitter flecks within this clear base. Use alone or wear over a bold color.

Smith & Cult Glass Souls nail lacquer, $18 at Nordstrom

8 /13: Natural With Minimalist Accents

8/13 :Natural With Minimalist Accents

Perfectly natural-looking nude nails mean no more streaks, lines or uneven coats. But if completely nude isn't your thing (no worries, we get it), opt for colored tips.

9 /13: Marbled Nails

9/13 :Marbled Nails

If you're remotely inspired by the countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, you're the perfect candidate for marbled nails. For best results, leave it to the pros at your local salon instead of doing it DIY-style.

10 /13: Manic Metallics

10/13 :Manic Metallics

Typically, when we think of metallic, gold and silver pop into our minds, right? Well 2018 is all about upgrading your go-to metallic color with pinks, blues and greens. “Metallic nails are so fun,” says Saulsbery. "They can look so different when worn on various skin tones and give off so many amazing shade shifts on the nail. One of my favorite looks of 2018 and a classy way to wear metallic nails is a new take on the French manicure.”

11 /13: Sinful Colors in Gold Medal

11/13 :Sinful Colors in Gold Medal

But in case you still love gold (can't say we blame you), opt for Sinful Colors polish in Gold Medal. It's pure gold in our minds and is the ultimate metallic. Wear it all year for a splash of fun.

Sinful Colors nail polish in Gold Medal', $2.02 at Target

12 /13: Statement Nails

12/13 :Statement Nails

There's no better way to stand out wherever you go than to rock a saying on your digits. A cool statement to wear on your nails is "Bold and Sassy," says Saulsbery.

13 /13: #Hashtag-Inspired

13/13 :#Hashtag-Inspired

Who says hashtags are only for social media and T-shirts? For a spirited twist on a statement nail, flaunt your #FavoriteSaying.