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11 Underrated Beauty Products Celebs Genuinely Love

Truth be told, celebrity guidance has weaved its way into various aspects of my life. Before you judge me, know that celebrities have lives outside the public eye too. They fight, they love, they drive, they eat — you know, a normal human life. The things they know from constant societal pressure and longer years lived than me come in handy for this regular gal. From Bette Davis advising me what road I should take to get to Hollywood or Rihanna telling me to “enjoy all that YOU are” after a heartbreak, I feel like I can trust them.

My trust wavers in one category, though: beauty. More often than not, I come across a celeb raving about a line or product only to find out they’re a sponsor with no real personal connection to it. It becomes a delicate path to traverse where I don’t know if the product is as quality as they say or if they’re just trying to generate revenue. No shame to the hustle of these ladies, but I’d rather know what they genuinely use — and love — to achieve their envyworthy glow and glam.

It took a little digging, but I found 11 lovely ladies who may promote products, but also share others they use simply because they love them. From skin care to hair necessities, these products are now at the top of my list. (I mean, who doesn’t want to have Adriana Lima’s skin?) Take a look for yourself and know these celebs actually love the products, which means you’ll love them too.


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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