20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Freckles

by Jason Pham
Nov 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Had Freckles | See the gorgeous, makeup-free selfies.

Freckles are some of the most common beauty marks you’ll find on a person. Yet it’s difficult to name at least a dozen celebrities off the top of your head who have them. In between heavy makeup and flashy red carpet lighting, it’s hard for the natural sun-kissed marks to peek through. Even in Instagram selfies, it seems like most celebrities smooth out their freckles with an even-toned foundation.

And though, of course, it’s everyone’s choice to wear makeup however they want, it’s still refreshing to open up our Instagram feed and see a rare freckle-filled selfie from stars like Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski. There’s nothing wrong with caking on the makeup. But there’s nothing wrong with leaving your freckles exposed either. They’re beauty marks and should be perceived as just that: beauty. Ahead, take a look at 20 celebrities who embraced their natural reddish freckles in gorgeous makeup-free and minimal-makeup selfies.


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1 /20: Emily Ratajkowski

1/20 :Emily Ratajkowski

2 /20: Ashley Graham

2/20 :Ashley Graham

3 /20: Demi Lovato

3/20 :Demi Lovato

4 /20: Kylie Jenner

4/20 :Kylie Jenner

5 /20: Kendall Jenner

5/20 :Kendall Jenner

6 /20: Lucy Liu

6/20 :Lucy Liu

7/20 :Zoë Kravitz

8 /20: Tyra Banks

8/20 :Tyra Banks

9/20 :Kesha

10 /20: Ellen Page

10/20 :Ellen Page

11 /20: Olivia Munn

11/20 :Olivia Munn

12 /20: Rashida Jones

12/20 :Rashida Jones

13 /20: Erin Heatherton

13/20 :Erin Heatherton

14 /20: Gwyneth Paltrow

14/20 :Gwyneth Paltrow

15 /20: Alicia Keys

15/20 :Alicia Keys

16 /20: Bella Hadid

16/20 :Bella Hadid

17 /20: Beyoncé

17/20 :Beyoncé

18 /20: Emma Watson

18/20 :Emma Watson

19 /20: Gabrielle Union

19/20 :Gabrielle Union

20 /20: Elsa Hosk

20/20 :Elsa Hosk