12 Unusual Ways Celebrities Hydrate Their Skin

by Jason Pham
Nov 11, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Keeping your skin hydrated in the winter is tough. No matter how moisturized our skin typically is, the cold weather, harsh wind, and dry air seem to suck out every ounce of moisture we try so desperately to lock in.

And while there are tons of magical skin care products to combat the chilly months ahead, sometimes we get sick of the store-bought stuff and want to try something crazy. Apparently, celebrities in Hollywood are on the same wavelength judging from the unusual DIY skin care solutions they’ve concocted to stay moisturized for the bone-chilling days to come.

But before you click through for unconventional skin care tips from gurus like Kim Kardashian West, Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham, we have to warn you: These skin care solutions aren’t for the faint of heart. From cat litter to bird poop to seaweed, these products are for the extreme skin care activist who needs a little something extra to stay glowing all year long.

Take a peek at 12 celebrity-approved unconventional skin care products ahead.


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1 /12: Kim Kardashian West — seaweed

1/12 :Kim Kardashian West — seaweed

Everyone loves sushi, but did you know you can moisturize with it? On a post on her website, Kardashian West revealed that her secret to staying moisturized despite her psoriasis (a condition that leaves the skin itchy and scaly), is seaweed-based skin care products. The reality star touts the salt water plant for the high amount of B vitamins, a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. Essentially, seaweed is said to cure Kardashian West of any redness and irritation. (Kardashian West's bonus skin care solution? Lathering on her older sister Kourtney Kardashian's breast milk.)

2 /12: Scarlett Johansson — vinegar

2/12 :Scarlett Johansson — vinegar

Though it's an age-old hack for celebrities to use apple cider vinegar as a shampoo substitute to wash and condition their hair, using the ingredient as a way to cure breakouts is a train we need to catch up to. In an interview with Glamour U.K., Johansson revealed that she slathers apple cider vinegar on her face to restore her skin after acne scarring.

"I researched natural skincare and found that apple cider vinegar is really effective," she said. "Using it as a toner can be harsh, but if you have breakouts it can be really healing.''

3 /12: Halle Berry — coffee grounds

3/12 :Halle Berry — coffee grounds

To keep her skin smooth even in the winter months, Berry mixes coffee grounds with her body wash and slathers the concoction on her body in the shower. The DIY exfoliator is said to promote blood flow and soften the skin due to the naturally stimulating caffeine.

4 /12: Eva Longoria — placenta

4/12 :Eva Longoria — placenta

Longoria is among a legion of celebrities who use placenta-based skin care products to tighten and moisturize their skin. The products, which typically contain placentas from animals like sheep, are believed to prevent and smooth out wrinkles due to their high collagen levels.

5 /12: Julia Roberts — olive oil

5/12 :Julia Roberts — olive oil

To keep her hair, nails and feet healthy, Roberts swears by her at-home olive oil-based skin care remedies. In an interview with Vogue Italy, the actor revealed that she soaks her nails and hair in a mask of emulsified extra-virgin olive oil (essentially just combining oil and water) for a healthy sheen. To keep the skin on her feet moisturized, Roberts also lathers the combination all over her feet, puts on a pair of socks and sleeps with the DIY moisturizer. When she wakes up, her skin feels silky-smooth.

6 /12: Margot Robbie — nipple cream

6/12 :Margot Robbie — nipple cream

Though nipple cream isn't an unconventional skin care product (the moisturize is typically used to hydrate new mom's teats while breastfeeding), the way Robbie uses it is certainly innovative. In an interview with Elle U.K., the actor revealed that she uses nipple cream — Bepanthen, specifically — as a substitute for lip balm.

“My lip balm, I use Bepanthen, which is actually a nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers or diaper rash cream for babies,” she said. “I have a conspiracy theory that lip balms actually have additives in them to dry your lips out so you keep buying them. But because Bepanthen is just a cream for dry skin, it works. It’s what I’ve used my whole life.”

7 /12: Victoria Beckham — bird poop

7/12 :Victoria Beckham — bird poop

Beckham's secret to healthy, smooth skin is — wait for it — bird poop. The former Spice Girl and her husband, David Beckham, are big fans of Japanese geisha facials, which use nightingale feces as a gentle exfoliator to rid the skin of dirt and dust. The mom of four reportedly likes the ingredient so much that she has a daily face cream also infused with bird poo.

8 /12: Angelina Jolie — fish eggs

8/12 :Angelina Jolie — fish eggs

As one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood, Jolie has likely come across caviar once or twice in her life. Turns out, the actor might be such a fan of the food she slathers it on her face. After giving birth to her twins, Knox and Vivienne, Jolie began a skin care treatment involving Baeri sturgeon eggs. The fish eggs, which are reared on farms in the south of France, are said to tighten the skin and combat slackness often associated with wrinkles.

9 /12: Cindy Crawford — milk

9/12 :Cindy Crawford — milk

According to Allure, the supermodel's skin care secret is spritzing herself with a milk every morning. The liquid, which Crawford mixes with mineral water, is said to keep the skin über-hydrated thanks to being chock-full of calcium, protein and minerals — essential nutrients for healthy skin.

10 /12: Debra Messing — snake venom

10/12 :Debra Messing — snake venom

We told you these skin care solutions aren't for the faint of heart. To rid her face of wrinkles, especially around her under-eye area, Messing uses a Kate Somerville eye cream containing snake venom. (You read that right.) The poison reportedly acts as a minor Botox substitute, relaxing the muscles in the face.

11 /12: Snooki — cat litter

11/12 :Snooki — cat litter

Looking for a DIY face mask? Look no further than Snooki's makeshift clay mask using — you guessed it — cat litter. On an episode of Conan, the Jersey Shore star said she Googled around for cheap and innovative skin care remedies. She came across one involving kitty litter (unused, obviously) that she has sworn by ever since. For the mask, Snooki combines the litter with water, which forms a clay mask substitute that freshens her skin and cleans out her pores.

12 /12: Teri Hatcher — red wine

12/12 :Teri Hatcher — red wine

Instead of the usual soap and water, Hatcher often bathes in red wine to keep her skin looking fresh. The alcoholic bath contains polyphenols, a compound found in grapes, known to moisturize the skin, promote cell renewal and improve elasticity. But before you freak out that the Desperate Housewives star is waisting a good bottle of vino, she typically uses old wines, and after her bath is done, she uses the residue as a makeshift exfoliator.

"I scoop them up in the tub and use them as an exfoliant. The only bad thing is you can't drink the whole bottle of wine," Hatcher said in an interview.