21 Fresh-Feeling Ways to Wear a Blazer Right Now

by Kristen Bousquet
Nov 9, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Whether you work in a corporate office or are a remote worker who coffee-shop-hops, blazers are the easiest way to make any old outfit look polished and put-together. Equally cool paired with jeans or a jumpsuit, there are practically unlimited ways to wear this boxy classic.

Some of our favorite bloggers have demonstrated how to style blazers in ways that don’t remind us of the ’20s (although vintage can be chic, people!). Try rolling up the sleeves and dressing them down with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Whether you go with one that’s menswear-inspired and oversize or cropped and feminine, playing with cuts, colors and textures is the best way to find your blazer-styling sweet spot.

While blazers are ultimately practical pieces and may not feel quite as exciting to shop for as, say, crop tops or tasseled earrings, we promise you won’t regret shopping any of the ones ahead (or copying any of the styling tricks you’ll see here).


Originally posted on StyleCaster

1 /21: Jess Overdressed

1/21 :Jess Overdressed

2 /21: Maxon velvet tux suit

2/21 :Maxon velvet tux suit

Maxon velvet tux suit, $385 at Carvoe

3 /21: Les Factory Femmes

3/21 :Les Factory Femmes

4 /21: Rowan wool blazer forest

4/21 :Rowan wool blazer forest

Rowan wool blazer forest, $519 at Carvoe

5 /21: The Katiquette

5/21 :The Katiquette

6 /21: Back to Your Heart wine-red velvet blazer

6/21 :Back to Your Heart wine-red velvet blazer

Back to Your Heart wine-red velvet blazer, $68 at Lulus

7 /21: The Hunter Collector

7/21 :The Hunter Collector

8 /21: Lose Touch velvet jacket

8/21 :Lose Touch velvet jacket

Lose Touch velvet jacket, $40 at Nasty Gal

9 /21: Couturezilla

9/21 :Couturezilla

10 /21: Design Lab Lord & Taylor starry velvet blazer

10/21 :Design Lab Lord & Taylor starry velvet blazer

Design Lab Lord & Taylor starry velvet blazer, $78 at Lord & Taylor

11 /21: Lex in Fleurs

11/21 :Lex in Fleurs

12 /21: Tavie blazer

12/21 :Tavie blazer

Tavie blazer, $148 at Anthropologie

13 /21: Petite Fabeli

13/21 :Petite Fabeli

14 /21: Sequined blazer

14/21 :Sequined blazer

Sequined blazer, $168 at Anthropologie

15 /21: Let's Talk About Fashion

15/21 :Let's Talk About Fashion

16 /21: Act Professional oversize blazer

16/21 :Act Professional oversize blazer

Act Professional oversize blazer, $60 at Nasty Gal

17 /21: The Hunter Collector

17/21 :The Hunter Collector

18 /21: Independent Women satin blazer

18/21 :Independent Women satin blazer

Independent Women satin blazer, $80 at Nasty Gal

19 /21: Hannah Louise F

19/21 :Hannah Louise F

20 /21: Night Visions black cropped blazer

20/21 :Night Visions black cropped blazer

Night Visions black cropped blazer, $67 at Lulus

21 /21: Inna's Corner

21/21 :Inna's Corner