8 Spray Products That Will Speed Up Your Get-Ready Time

by Catherine Conelly
Nov 29, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Sprays are all the rage. Think about it: dry shampoo, refreshing facial mists, sea salt spray — some of the best products are spray products. And now, brands are taking the spray-and-go trend to a whole new level.

For example, I know you’ve seen those Dove commercials where women stand amazed by their actually dry armpits after spraying on deodorant. Beauty aisles seem to be filling up with new spray versions of classic everyday items, and we’re not complaining.

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I admit, spray deodorant does seem silly at first, but after giving this and other spray products a try, I think you'll agree that the spray trend kinda rocks. They can even shave some time off your morning routine.

We rounded up some of our favorite sprays to help you embrace the trend and save time. Check it out.

1 /8: Hair mist

1/8 :Hair mist

If it's been a few days since you washed your hair and you don't plan to start today, Olivine Atelier Love + Roses Beauty Mist (Anthropologie, $16) is like perfume for your locks.

It'll help rejuvenate your do with a few scrunches, and it also makes a good pair with your favorite salt spray. 

2 /8: Salt spray

2/8 :Salt spray

Speaking of salt sprays, Captain Blankenship's sea salt shimmer sprays (Follain, $16) are a must-try. In addition to giving your hair a beachy vibe on "I can't even with a hairdryer" days, they soothe a dry scalp and add moisture to your strands. They also contain mica, which adds shimmer and shine. So you didn't shampoo? Who knew? 

3 /8: Spray lotion

3/8 :Spray lotion

Instead of squeezing and blending over and over again, try a spray lotion instead. It may seem silly, but you'll be surprised how a few quick sprays spare you several minutes. When you're in a hurry, it all adds up. 

Yes To's Coconut Ultra Light Spray Body Lotion (Grove Collaborative, $10) goes on easy and still does heavy moisturizing duty. 

4 /8: Dry shampoo

4/8 :Dry shampoo

We all know dry shampoo has earned its rightful place in our beauty arsenals, especially when it comes to saving time. Here's a bonus tip, though: Don't just use it on dry hair. Spray dry shampoo on your wet roots (whether it's from sweat or you actually rinsed your hair, no one has to know). Blow dry for just a few minutes, and the result is max volume without having to mess with a round brush or salon-grade blowout. 

Looking for a new brand to try? Pick up Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo (Target, $5).

5 /8: Face spray

5/8 :Face spray

When you're in a hurry and don't have time for the whole serum and moisturizer situation, this is the product to have on hand. It's Evian's Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray (Sephora, $21). Simply spray your face and seal the moisture in with a CC cream or other tinted face makeup. 

It probably won't be your dermatologist's favorite choice to skip moisturizer too often, but it works when you're in a pinch. Not to mention, these little spray cans are awesome to have around for outdoor hikes or to keep in your purse for summer festivals and concerts.

6 /8: Beauty mist

6/8 :Beauty mist

Looking for a facial spray with a little more power? This Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist (Herbivore Botanicals, $32) is one option.

It's made mostly of coconut water, and it also contains rose and hibiscus oils. It's perfect when you need a quick spray before you leave the house or when a full shower just isn't going to happen after a lunchtime workout.

7 /8: Spray deodorant

7/8 :Spray deodorant

And, yeah, you gotta try dry spray deodorant. Don't know which brand to try? All of them are similar, but Dove is a fan favorite (Target, $5).

The best part about dry spray deodorant is there's no need to do the funky chicken and air out your armpits as it absorbs. You can get dressed and get on with your day ASAP.

8 /8: Makeup mist

8/8 :Makeup mist

Last but not least, keep a makeup setting spray handy. While it's not necessarily a time saver in the mornings, if you know you need your makeup to last and you don't want to reapply later, a good makeup setting mist will help. E.L.F.'s Mist and Set (Ulta, $3) is an affordable and effective option.